Words from a nine year old

This little monkey wrote this for school, obviously before Thanksgiving and I just found it now.
I wanted to share this with you even though the Thanksgiving has passed. All spelling and punctuation is as written.

Thanksgiving reminds me of all the things I’m thankful for.  I appreciate family, God and, school.

I’m especially thankful for family because they care for me and give me love and keep me alive. They provide me food and shelter.

I also appreciate God because in my world he created life and made the world. Without him we wouldn’t be here now.

Finally, I’m grateful for school because if i stay in school I will get a good education and maybe a job.  And with a job then i get money to keep me alive.

As I enjoy this holiday season. I relize that I have may reasons to be thankful. Family, God and school are very important to me.

One thought on “Words from a nine year old”

  1. Sounds to me like you have a done a fabulous job raising him! What a great perspective he has at such a young age.
    My 14yo was stumped when asked the same question while sitting at Thanksgiving dinner…..

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