There are no pictures…I don’t have the energy to find any.

Christmas is looming down. Fast.
I am beginning to wonder if I will get anything done. What I need to get done and what I want to get done are probably two different things.

Christmas cards are done. Correction. The Christmas cards are addressed but they just needs stamps.
I have not had time to go to the post office.  I know there are people that would say “why do them, why add more to your plate?”
Well it is Christmas and it is what you do. Plus I like getting Christmas cards.

The tree is up and it is pretty.  It does need a topper, a star or an Angel. Something. I will get to it soon.
Maybe. The kids (Carter) would like to see something up there, it has been mentioned a few times.

The mantle is adorned with  Nutcrackers and is in dire need of a wreath.
I have determined that it is not going to get one.

I did accomplish lots this weekend. Laundry. Many loads of laundry.
Laundry is the epitome of shoveling snow before the blizzard has ended.

Oh, and it was my husbands birthday so I was able to make dinner…and Sophia made the cake.

I cleaned the bathroom, kinda. It needed a new shower rod and after driving to two different stores to buy a true tension rod shower curtain holder that does not fall down I discovered that they do not exist. The one I brought home to replace the one I have was broken. Now I will be toting a broken shower rod in my car in hopes that I remember to return it.

I would love to get cookies made sometime before Christmas but I guess if I don’t actually get them done I will save myself 10 lbs.

I was asked if I had made my Christmas list? Really? The last thing on my mind is what I want for Christmas. Right now I am way more concerned that I can figure out what to get my kids and husband and when I am actually going to get it done.
Between wrestling practice and matches, swim practice and meets, violin practice, making sure there is actually food in the house to eat, laundry…oh so much laundry. Cleaning and ridding the house of the dog fur that is exploding around me.

Why do dogs shed so much? I mean really. Why?

I did hire a housekeeper. The first time she came was great but then it has quickly deteriorated. The last time she came to the house she must have had been a REAL hurry. Not only was it a poor cleaning job but she left the the door open and Betty took that as a clear invitation to come in and eat and chew everything she could reach.
I decided to have a talk with her about the issues I was having and go over theses things on her next visit.  She canceled.

So now I am feeling guilty telling her that I don’t want her to come any more. Go figure.

My husband says I need to find something that makes me happy. Less stressed.

I know…..give me more hours in the day and I will spend some time figuring out what that is. Until the I don’t have time.

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