The Simple Woman’s Daybook

For Today, March 29th, 2009

Outside the window…It is dark. When I look out the window all I see is my reflection.

I am thinking…It is really late, I need to go to bed but I am not. It is quiet and my children are in bed and I want some down time.

I am thankful for…That it did not rain today and I was able to take the dogs outside to run.

From the kitchen..It is clean. I did not have to cook dinner tonight and am grateful for leftovers.

I am wearing…My favorite wool sweater, yard pants and slippers.

I am creating…My website. I am not an old dog but I am amazed at how “confused” I have gotten on a few applications.

I am going…A little crazy.

I am reading…The Shack. The jury is still out on it. I am thinking that I raised the bar too high on this book.

I am hoping..That I will get a clearer idea about the new job I have started.

I am hearing..My dog Martha snoring.

Around the house…I have a lot to do. Lots of UFO’s and cleaning from a weekend of company.

One of my favorite things….To go to a yarn store and see and feel all the yarns. to be inspired by the colors.

A few plans for the rest of the week…I have 2 doctor appointments…YUCK!