The Pink House and Annie Sloane Paint

Today was such a beautiful day, the last day of March. What is the saying? in like a lion out like a lamb? Well our March was absolutely incredibly beautiful and I cannot imagine what April will be like.
The order of business today was that I needed to pick up the desk from Goodwill that I bought yesterday. I needed my husbands brawn and his truck to pick it up. While we were there wouldn’t you know it I found another piece of furniture. A very old oak buffet that needs lots of love.  I will go further into that on my next post.
More importantly it is what I did AFTER the Goodwill. I visited The Pink House again. The Pink house carries a brand of paint I have been wanting to try, Annie Sloane Chalk paint. It has rumored to be a painters dream.
I hope it is ’cause it ain’t cheap!
I have been to the Pink House twice now and both times have been a wonderful experience. I really wish I could remember her name (the owners sister) has been incredibly nice and helpful both times I have been there... the shop is very small, packed with stuff and loaded with ideas. If you are not handy with the paint brush or just don’t have the eye they will do it for you. Such a deal!
You can reach their Facebook page here. 

The Pink House Blog is here! 

I would love to hear what you think and if you have been there!
Have you used Annie Sloane Paint?