The kiss

I have taken on the task of converting all of my father-in-laws slides to digital. That would be fifty years of pictures, thank you very much. The slides start when they were dating to about 10 years ago. I jump around the decades doing a box here and there. I have been on vacations with them, his graduation from medical school and the birth of their three children. I have met almost everyone in the photos at one time or another and it is so interesting to see them as children.
I love this photo. It is genuine. There is nothing posed about it. It was taken in the late 60’s and I wish I could remeber the type and year of the car they are leaning agianst. Susan is getting ready to celebrate her birthday and I made this into a birthday card for her. I think she will really like it. I just love it!

8 thoughts on “The kiss”

  1. This is a great photo! It looks professional and I can see that it would make a great card. You are braver then I am. I recently got all of the boxes of photos out to get them organized. After sitting on my dining room table for two months,I put them all back in the closet! Oh well maybe next year.

  2. What a job to convert the slides to digital! It’s great that you’re doing it! I love this photo. Did your father-in-law take this picture?

    This is my first visit to your blog and I really like it! I’ll be following you!

  3. Ah . . . now I remember you. I'm adding you to my blogroll so I don't forget you.
    Sometimes I have the brain of a sieve. (This was my mother's favorite saying. And so true in my case).

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