Saturday Morning Motivation

Saturday morning.

It is really pretty outside right now and I am stopping myself from going out in the garage and painting the 2 huge dining room tables I have sitting out there.

They are taking up an incredible amount of room and I would really like the space back.

But I must get the Christmas stuff up.


And the kids always want to help. I try to encourage them to go play in traffic while I am doing this but it does not seem to help.

I did do a little Christmas shopping yesterday.

Why is it that shopping any other day is no big deal but Christmas shopping can leave you exhausted and laying in the aisle having a temper tantrum.

I went to one store and by the time I was done I was practically in the fetal position mumbling incoherently.

I left the store, came home and hid the presents that I had purchased and went out to the garage.

I wanted to finish this crazy little table.

This little three legged table is just a little different from the others.
I really liked the big chunky ornate leg. I think it may be from an antique organ or piano.
But honestly I have no idea.
It is a little funky and a little strange.
I felt a little sorry for it sitting in this warehouse and no one buying it.
Kind of like a three legged dog.
So I bought it.
Why not.
I painted it in French Linen and waxed it with a combination of clear and dark wax.
Not too bad.
The French Linen is a lot like the Paris Grey but darker.
 The before….
With just paint…cell phone photo…sorry
And waxed….
Well I am off to put up the tree…there may be alcohol involved.

One thought on “Saturday Morning Motivation”

  1. Hahaha, I am cracking up. I get it, the frustration of wanting, even NEEDING to get something painted, etc.. But: MY KIDS, MY 89 Year young MOM,That PHONE never stops, Who is knocking at my door NOW, on & on.. Phew, yes the traffic for all, and little drink for ME! Just popped in to say I love your stuff. This table is darling. My fav so far is the country-sideboard in emperors silk.

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