Ozzy Met the Boogy Man

 Ozzy is tired.
Ozzy had a rough night.
Why don’t cats sleep during the night instead of all day?

Ozzy encountered something much bigger than him.
Something with really big teeth and a mean bite.

 After a trip to the vet where he received a Rabies shot and another of antibiotics he was sent home to recuperate.

 Nothing looked broken just a couple of big holes in his paw and bruised pride.

 He came home and curled up on Martha’s bed.

 All day he slept.

 He really was pitiful. I felt really sorry for him.
I know he was hurting because he didn’t really want to eat.

 He would have shared the bed with Martha, he does like to cuddle with her.

 Martha would rather sleep outside.

 And she was being a little sympathetic to the Oz Man.

5 thoughts on “Ozzy Met the Boogy Man”

  1. Hi Krista,
    So sorry about Ozzy's paw. Looks like it hurts but it also looks like he is going to be just fine-he's resting and staying out of mischief.
    I just read your comment about the love seat and You Guessed It!! A Tunnel road find! I posted pics of the final make over this week.
    Have a great day!!

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