My Little Loom

My neighbor has made me this wonderful little loom. It is so easy to use and portable. I have made several scarves on it using chenille for one and wool for the others. I lightly felted the wool ones and gave them away. I seem to give most everything I make away to friends. Right now I am working on a scarf for a friend on Facebook. The yarn is something that I picked up at Michael’s, Alpaca and acrylic. I will not be able to felt it becuase of the acrylic content but I am hoping that they will full up nicely. It is amazing how fast it is. Warping is fast also. I like that. If something takes to long I tend to lose interest. I think that comes from having kids running around and having a limited amount of time to complete a project. Right now this project has been sitting unfinished for about a week, I started it at my son’s soccer practice and I think I had better finish it. I think the reason it is not finished is becuase I have lost interest in the pattern and the look it is creating. I want to weave something else.