Master Carter

My little boy. The youngest. The one who will always be my baby. I know there will come a time when he will hate when I call him my “little boy” but I will do it anyway.
This little guy can make me laugh. The other day he climbed onto the sofa next to me, put his little hands around my upper arms and started to squeeze. “Mom, this feels like blubber. You know, like a walrus.” Thanks kid. I am really hoping that they were talking about the walrus in Kindergarten.
Carter will turn 6 on Thursday and he VERY excited. He thinks he is getting a dirt bike. I have told him several times that there is no way he is going to get a dirt bike, I like my neighbors too much.

2 thoughts on “Master Carter”

  1. Your son sounds very sweet and is so cute concentrating on catching that ball…Two of my g/sons have dirt bikes that they keep here to ride…no nearby neighbors to annoy…different story at their homes…I have a g/daughter in kindergarten…they are so innocent in what they say! Take care

  2. You have a lovely site and I’m looking forward to coming back!


    BTW – I LOVE the loom – that is just to darn cool!!!

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