I Love My Loom

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My loom.
I love my loom.
My relationship with the loom is very sporadic though. It always takes me a long time to get a warp on it so when I do get it loaded I want it FULL! i hate to warp it. YUCK! It takes forever.
So wouldn’t ya know that I finally got a new warp on it and I have to move it.
It needs to go to North Carolina.

It is BIG. It does not fit through a doorway.

From Each Day….

The moving company came and assessed our house for the packing to determine just how much time they would need to pack and load our possession.

They also need to crate a few items and one of them is the loom.

From Each Day….

Guess how much they wanted to charge my husbands company to crate the loom.

Are you ready?

Here ya go….$2000.00!

I almost choked after I got done laughing at the rediculous amount. The darn thing is only worth $700.00, maybe.

Martha does not care. Just as long as she gets to go with us and we take this darn cone off her head.
Sorry, babe….the cone stays.

From Each Day….

See what I mean? Full warp. I had better get moving and get some rugs made.

From Each Day….

Heard a rumor that sock ends were going to become obsolete.  It is a good thing I have bins and bins of them in my garage. I actually think they multiplying the longer they sit out there.

From Each Day….

I am only allowing myself to weave the sock ends (loopers). I have got to get rid of them.
They are well traveled loopers though. They orginated in Kentucky and shipped to Virginia Beach VA. My husband and I have moved them from Virginia to North Carolina to Michigan to Virginia and will be making thier final move back to North Carolina.

I promise Bob. We won’t move them again.


From Each Day….
From Each Day….
From Each Day….

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