How does this happen?

I have been sitting on the sofa looking at old photos on my computer and pulled up the photo file from nine years ago today.

Nine years ago Carter was 1 1/2 years old.

Nine years ago we were living in Morganton, NC.

In that time we have moved from Morganton, NC to Oxford, MI.

From Oxford, MI to Culpeper, VA.

And hopefully, finally from Culpeper, VA to Asheville, NC

In nine years my youngest son has gone from looking like this cute little monkey to this…

My sweet baby. He will always be my baby.

My youngest is no longer little.

This makes me sad. šŸ™

The middle child…..

is four in this picture.

Bed time was at 7:30….a glorious 7:30.
Now we are lucky if they are in bed by 10:00. 
Correction….he just said goodnight to me and it is 10:36, something tells me he does not want me to “tuck him in”
He starts High School in the fall.
How does that happen?
Nine years ago Sophia was going into 2nd grade.
I don’t think she had even lost any teeth yet.
But she still has the very blue eyes.
And reading everything in print.
She is practicing behind the wheel to get her license next spring.
And in one month she will be entering the 11th grade.
How does this happen?

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