I took this picture right after we got Hazel. This is what I refer to as the Honeymoon Period. She is cute, cuddly and so sweet. Really, what is cuter than a Golden Retriever puppy.
How is it that such cute, cuddly puppies grow up to be 80lbs of destruction. We adopted Hazel because we have such a wonderful golden named Martha, and we thought she needed a companion. Hazel is such a pest that that if she is in the garage, Martha will go lay on the deck. Martha looks at us with eyes saying “what did I do to deserve this? I thought I was a good dog”.
Now I fully admit, that like kids the more you have the less one on one time you have with each individual child/dog. But I really felt that Martha needed a friend. She was becoming obsessed with me. Had to be everywhere I was, and I mean everywhere. Enter Hazel. Talk about high maintenance. I guess like with childbirth we have selective amnesia.