Getting Braces at 43 Years of Age….I must be crazy.

I did it.
I finally got up the nerve to get braces.
Well that is not exactly the best way to put it. I finally got up the nerve to spend that kind of money of myself.
My teeth were never really bad. I was lucky to go 43 years with fairly straight teeth. Unfortunately, like everything else when you hit the 40’s things started going a little wonky…how is that for a word. Wonky.
Everything started to get really crowded and when I smile I am all teeth and gums. I started to see crooked teeth, especially on the bottom and that bothered me.

Lovely picture huh?
I took these with my cell phone. I am sure Kim thought I was losing my mind taking pictures of myself looking so “interesting”. I have to say it is quite impressive just how much stuff they can cram into your mouth. And they tell you all about it as they are doing it……
These to pads go into your cheeks to absorb all the moisture in your mouth.
Then we are going to place the barrier between your lips and your teeth so that  you resemble a  golden retriever that is hanging it’s head out a moving car window.

Yup, that is what it feels like.
 That is what it looks like!
In go the cotton  tubes under your tongue to absorb more slobber.
Then the suction tube with its cotton bladder over it to suction up anything that could possibly be moisture in your mouth.
Apparently I must produce copious amounts of saliva, drool etc. because they put ANOTHER cotton tube under my tongue.
Think you used to have cotton mouth after a night of drinking? PFFT! At least there was no hangover to go along with it.

Getting braces is definitely something that I could have easily elected not to do for myself. Something that I could have come up with a dozen reasons for not doing it.
They are not crooked enough. It is money that should be spent somewhere else. It is going to be inconvenient.  yada yada yada
Because I have been bringing Sam to see Dr. Keith Black it kept being pushed into the fore front of my mind.
Because when I bring Sam to his orthodontist appointments I have seen first hand what an amazing place Dr. Blacks office is.
Because of Sam’s appointments and the atmosphere of the office and the amazing family he has put together you cannot help but feel like your are being well taken care of.
They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, to make sure you are at ease with what is going on.
Even for a wimp like me.
Somoething tells me I will get no sympathy from Sam.

2 thoughts on “Getting Braces at 43 Years of Age….I must be crazy.”

  1. I know I shouldn't be laughing Krista but you really made this funny! I am glad that you went ahead and did something for yourself. I was the same way with the Carpel Tunnel surgeries but I thought, this may be my last chance! So good for you! Love Di ♥

  2. You go girl! I think this is one of my favorite posts ever written 🙂 Anyone who posts their braces is a rock star in my book! Can't wait to meet you at the Southern Bloggers Conference!


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