Fourth of July at the Bounds

 Our neighbors, the Bounds hosted  a wonderful 4th of July picnic at their home today. Complete with hotdogs, potato salad and watermelon.
Of course there were fireworks too!

 It has been incredibly, unseasonably hot here but thankfully the weather gave us a break with the heat.

 Sparklers are always fun. Amazing how even adults can become mesmerized by them.

 Little Miss Kate your a pretty thing I say flashing that smile!

 We had a brief rain shower that cooled things off a little and added a bunch of humidity. Made shooting of fireworks a little safer in that we were not going to burn down the sub-division.

 Wake up Trae! He is a little sleepy after running a 5K this morning.

 You can just hear her saying “hehehehehe”

 The boys wet from chasing each other with the hose I believe. I never really got the full story on that one.

 Miss Rel telling you all about it!

 Sam looking absolutely thrilled but being a trooper with no one there his age.

Trouble. Looks like Trouble. There is serious plotting going on here, I can tell. I am a mom. I know these things.  There are intent looks going on.

 Glow sticks! Didn’t get any pictures of the glow sticks in balloons, but a cool idea. Gonna have to give that one a try. I bought bubbles that glow in the dark but forgot them at the camper.

 Reclining on Dad.

 Sam continuing to be a sport.

 Dave explaining the finer points of  a Corona.

 Kids don’t cross THIS LINE____________! The safety Zone

 They are staying put. I am impressed.

 The Dads lighting off the fireworks.

 They say it is for the kids but we know the truth.

 Sam attempting to remain a good sport.

 He was so tired I honestly thought he was going to fall asleep right there.

 Must. Not. Fall. Asleep.

 They act just like little kids. You know they were the kids with the bottle rockets and cherry bombs when they were younger.

 Hey Carter, look this way!

 So he did.

 Little girls in their ruffled skirts and rubber boots.

 Rel and her friends.

 Explaining it all to them!

 That is my boy!



 Love this one!

 Sam is no longer being a good sport and is just making faces at his mother with the camera. He asked me to delete this one. Nope. You did it. I blog it.

 See Sam, shouldn’t do that.

Happy Fourth of July folks!

4 thoughts on “Fourth of July at the Bounds”

  1. What awesome neighbors Krista! And did you stay up late to post this? I was probably in bed already. I loved the picture story. Glad too that your weather was cooler. !03 here today, sixth day in a row, yuck. I was happy to find out that I'm not the only one that is told to delete photos!
    I was wondering if you knew you were going to have such fun neighbors when you moved? That's really great. I did a short post last night explaining why I don't do fireworks anymore. I've been a bit lazy about posting lately!
    Stay cool. And it's really great that you all had a good time last night! Love Di ♥

  2. Krista, Thank you so much for these beautiful pics. We are so happy that you guys came home early so you could celebrate with us. So fun!!!LeAnn

  3. These are great, Krista – Should win a "Classic 4th of July" photo contest – Poor Sam; at least Dad had a beer! Can we come visit? I think Sam/Chad and guitar would be a great combo!!! and where (should I ask) was Sophia? – SIL

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