For Today….The Washington National Cathedral

Outside the window…is a clear, blue beautiful sky.
I am thinking…that I really should be in the kitchen helping get dinner ready but I will clean up instead.
I am thankful for…the fact that most of the major holidays are done for a while. Well, except for my 40th birthday in June!

From the kitchen..I am smelling a wonderful ham cooking.
I am wearing..My new favorite pair of pants, Old Navy Capri Khakis’( I think they make me look skinny;), a really comfortable cashmere sweater from Cabi that I got at a girls night out clothing swap…thanks Heather.
I am creating….A brown Alpaca scarf on my nifty little portable loom.

I am going….to strangle my kids if they don’t start talking nice to each other.

I am reading…Skinny Bitch, just picked it up at Borders today. I saw it on Crazy as a Loom the other day and it piqued my interest. I love her website and what an awesome name.

I am hoping…That my dogs are being good at the neighbors.

I am hearing…The Master’s on TV and the discussion of the rescue of the Mersk captain. Way to go Navy Seals…I also Love the sound of JETS flying over head.
Around the house…everyone is getting ready for dinner, I am being a slacker…I will clean up.
One of my favorite things….A good cup of coffee in a wonderful mug.
Here is a picture I would like to share with you.
Imagine that the picture is below these words. I, for the life of me, do not know how to get the picture on the bottom.

3 thoughts on “For Today….The Washington National Cathedral”

  1. I upload the photo first to the center position.

    If I want a sentence above the photo…I must type a word or two below it and “click and drag” those to the top…where I finish my sentences as the photo moves on down the page.

  2. I hope you’ve figured out how to do the picture. Blogger is the devil sometimes.

    I LOVE a good cup of coffee in a wonderful mug. I am having one now.

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