Fired Up!

Sam and I went to Fired Up! in Asheville this past weekend. He had been bugging me to go for a few weeks and finally we were able to get there. We had gone last month and I thought I had done a blog but apparently I never got it done.    
The last time were were there we painted pottery but this time we wanted to work with glass. You start with a plain piece of glass, I chose a clear square piece. You then glue different colors and shapes to the top of the large square. There are many colors and shapes to select or you can use the glass cutter to make you own.
After you have your design laid out and glued they stick it in the kiln and melt the glass and it all fuses together…and voila! Sun catcher!

The only hard part was coming up with a design, we must have started over a dozen times. But finally, three hours later we were finally done.

We really had a great time. It was nice just the two of us hanging out. Sam is a funny kid, cracks me up. And he is growing up fast. I think he a grown a foot in the last month, voice is changing and shaving.

He is a good kid. I am lucky, I just wish I could keep him young forever.

3 thoughts on “Fired Up!”

  1. I love the light catchers Krista. I wonder if the pottery place here in our town does that too. I like the glass.
    Yes they grow up much too quickly, or is it that we age much to quickly? Mmmm…..
    Love Di ♥

  2. But babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow . . .

    It's part of a poem and it came to mind when you mentioned him growing up quickly. These suncatchers are so cool here!

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