Family visits Asheville

My sister in saw Susan and her family came to visit Labor Day weekend so of course we had to go downtown to experience the Asheville vibe. Friday night was spent going to the drum circle and walking around to people watch. The “statue” above was pretty cool, she remained completely still and when someone made a donation she played the snare drum.

My boys had not been to the circle yet, not quite sure what they thought about it.


Giggling Susan…finding that she had to be a little creative when sitting down on the rocks in a skirt.

Susan and her husband Mike. She has just passed the half way point of her chemo therapy for breast cancer and really seems to be doing amazingly well. Her positive approach is impressive. I watch and listen to her and wonder if I could have the same approach.

On so many of the streets of Asheville there will be groups of people playing instruments, singing, juggling etc. The little girl above was belting out the music and was so cute.

Asheville is known as Beer City. We decided to go to Pack Place and have a barley pop. The kids played a game that I cannot remember the name to save my soul. Driving me crazy trying to think of it. Anyhoo.. Susan and the kids had Root Beer Floats and the rest indulged in fare of the local breweries.

Carter and I have a game we play by saying I love you….wonder if he remembers my reading this book to him when he was little?

And the Biltmore. Asheville is not a visit without a visit to Americas largest private owned home.  We are watching Downton Abby and the similarities are kind of cool. Can you imagine growing up in this home? There would be some seriouse hide-n-seek going on.

Chad and Sam have the same smile going on, must be the braces.

Susan sporting the blond today.

The grounds of the Biltmore are so beautiful but it is a lot of walking. we really should have gone early in the day so it would not have been so warm.

We then went over to Antler Hill Village and Winery.  Carter was enjoying Cedric who was George Vanderbilts St. Bernard.

There was music on the lawn at Antler Hill

Really enjoyed having them at our home for the weekend. It was fun hanging out, talking and eating. Lots of eating.

2 thoughts on “Family visits Asheville”

  1. I have two comments: 1. Despite the cancer, wouldn't it be cool to be able to change your hair color depending on your mood? 2. Isn't that St Bernard the best kind of dog to have? No poop, no mess, no food, no vet bills!

  2. What a great visit. It looked like lots of fun! Susan looks beautiful, you'd never know she had gone through Chemo. I hope all is well with her. You looked happy Krista, the visit must have been good for you!!
    Love Di ♥

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