Evening Rituals

Every evening my husband and I take a walk with the dogs. We walk to a field near our home that is fenced in and not in use at the moment. The owners of the field have had to reseed it and the horses will need to be off of it for almost a year. We have decided that it is the new dog park. We take them on the leash, bring treats and a beer. Kids not invited. OK, maybe occasionally. But this is our time.

We take a Little Tykes bat and hit tennis balls for the dogs. We make them run and run and run. Martha knows the deal. She really is a Golden Retriever. There was no training and explaining for her. She knew what to do right away. The first day that we brought her home 4 years ago, she ran to the end of the driveway and brought the newspaper right to us. Of course that evolved into her bringing all the neighbors newspapers back to us also. She does what she was breed to do, and she does it really well. Hazel on the other hand, really has no clue. May the lord help us with this one. Here she has the tennis ball, I may never see this ball again.

4 thoughts on “Evening Rituals”

  1. I love living with everyday rituals…it makes for a content and happy life…and marriage…nice that you take an evening walk together…Martha and Hazel are lucky…the field looks so lush and green!…I actually read The Shack this past winter…My oldest granddaughter had just returned it…I found the book illustrated how closed minded some can be to things pertaining to religion or just life in general…and also how some can be so accepting of general beliefs without any questions whatsoever…

  2. I just finished The Shack a couple of weeks ago. It was very enlightening for me and I still feel the effect that it made on me. I really enjoyed your post, but I need to know. Did you ever get the ball back?

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