Erwin High School Prom { Asheville Photographer }

Prom time.
The time of year when you see your children dressed to the nines and you realize that they are not little any more.

Every school does prom different. Erwin High School had theirs at a separate venue called The Crest.  I am sure it was fancy schmancy and tons of fun. With all the fancy shoes kicked to side the minute they all got there so they can dance all night!

My prom was held at our high school (25 years ago, ACK!) Everyone met in the auditorium for the Grand March. This is where each couple walked out on stage and everyone was able to take pictures and see all the couples.
We then went out to dinner and then came back to the high school for the dance.

Now Everyone goes to the dance with or without a date.
I think that is great, everyone gets to go.

I took the pictures of SuperMom’s daughter and her best friend. The link to her blog is there.
They were great, easy going and READY to go have a great time.
When I got to Supermom’s home the girls and I went out to do pictures, I banned the other adults from coming out with us, I knew the girls would be more relaxed without a million eyes on them.

To be 18 years old again.
Wow, that seems like a long time ago and only just yesterday.
How is that?

Thank you girls for allowing me to be a part of something you will hopefully always remember.

4 thoughts on “Erwin High School Prom { Asheville Photographer }”

  1. Don't they look so beautiful?! I especially loved the shots with the old pick-up Krista. Don't know if that was your idea but it was a good one.
    I'm sure that their prom was a day they will always remember thanks to you!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Absolutely lovely. Beautiful young ladies — their journey is just beginning. Oh to be 18 again. Love, love, the pictures. The scenery was beautiful and I agree with Diana — the vintage pick-up truck was a great idea. Now how many Class of 2012 will have that in their photos.

  3. Krista did an amazing job on the pictures!!!! The pick-up belongs to my friend's dad and he drove them to prom. ha ha
    They rode in style to celebrate a night they will always remember!
    My children are growing up too fast!

    Thank you again Krista for taking these beautiful pictures!

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