Doughnuts, Dognuts, Dohnuts, Donuts. Go nuts?

 I got a wild hair the other day and decided that I wanted to try making doughnuts. I think it may have come from watching the Food Network.
 The show was on everything fried.
Fried okra to fried bacon. Yes, fried bacon. Batter dipped and deep fried.
 As if bacon needed help have more fat.

 Grama Ethel use to make home made donuts and I remember them being absolutely wonderful. Fried in a cast iron skillet and the oil she used I am sure was good old Crisco. Giving them the best flavor ever. The same frying pan she would use to fry fishcakes and walleye.

I know I do not have a donut recipe so I call my mom who is in the middle of dealing with a flooded basement and deconstruction.

ME:   Mom, do you have Grams recipe for donuts?

MOM: Oh, I am sure it is here somewhere. What do you think it is under? Cakes, Breads, Desserts, Misc.

Me: Look under cakes.

She then starts reciting all the recipes in the box. Mind you my mom has a lot of recipes and where they are in the box only makes sense to her.

MOM:  I know it is in here I just saw it the other day. (this could mean 5 years ago) banana bread, blueberry muffins. oh, blueberry muffins I have so many blueberries I need to make muffins. when Dennis (her brother) and I went picking last summer we picked so many blueberries we were eating them by the handful..

Me:  MOM! Donuts. We are looking for donuts.

MOM:  Well I wonder why I have Sauerkraut salad under desserts. Wonder how that got there.

Me: I can only imagine….Donuts mom.

MOM: Well maybe it is in the other box..wait here it is…Grams Donuts.  2 eggs, 1 tsp Cardomin,

Me:  MOM. MOM. Slow down I have to right this down.

she proceeds to give me the recipe slower so that I can write everything down, ingredients that is.

Me;  MOM, this cannot be right. there is nothing holding it together. Isn’t there flour in the recipe.

MOM:  Well it is not written on this paper. Maybe it is on the other recipe in Grams box. It’s a good thing I didn’t throw that box out, let me look. Oh, for Christ sake where is it?

While this goes on and she is digging for the recipe she proceeds to tell me who made donuts last and who had the deep frier and who loaned it the this person and that and didn’t bring it back and she has it and that it was a good thing she didn’t give this recipe to so and so because they would have had a mess.blah. blah. blah.

So after much digging she finds the original recipe that gram used. If your grandma is anything like my grandma she NEVER wrote any directions down. Ever!

So I ask mom  “How do you make then”

MOM: I don’t know, I have never made them. Gram always had them made when we came home from school.

Me:   OK, then let the experimenting begin.

 I don’t like to fry food in the house. In fact I went and bought this fry daddy just for the donuts. The one thing mom did say is … she always opened up brown paper bags to let the grease soak it up.

Brown paper bag ….Check!

 I mixed the batter, patted it out and cut the donuts.

 These are a little too dark.

 Long tongs are a must.

 A determined pierced looking mouth is required.  Good Lord what a face.

 I determined several things with this first batch of donuts…
HOT GREASE is a must.
Letting the dough rest after you cut them out makes lighter donuts.
“Dirty” grease is best.

And next time we dip them in chocolate frosting!

5 thoughts on “Doughnuts, Dognuts, Dohnuts, Donuts. Go nuts?”

  1. Doughnuts are such a pain to make, but yours look awesome. How about sharing Gramm's recipe? I would love to try them. Your phone conversation reminded me of many a convo between my mom and myself!!!
    Your gift of narration is so hysterical. You remind me of a modern day Erma Bombeck! (Do you know who she was?) You really should write a book…In your spare time, of course!!!!

  2. I don't think I have ever had a homemade donut before. Like Jane said, they do look like a real pain (and a mess) to make, but I'm sure you reap your rewards from those you serve them too — the pride you feel when the compliments start pouring in. I loved the 'rocks' in the picture used to hold down the paper bag mat. How did you like the Fry Daddy? I have thought about buying one.

  3. Oh Krista, honestly that conversation between you and your mom reminded me of my mother. I remember calling her for recipes all the time. I miss that. Let me tell you, Katie makes the best donuts with canned biscuits. So simple, just cut the biscuits into donut shape and fry!! you can ice them or whatever. We like to powder sugar them. Try it, very easy and so good!! Love Di ♥

  4. My mom used to make sourdough donuts that were totally to die for. May have to dig out the recipe and the fryer myself!

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