Critter in the Garage

Can you see him?
He is in there.

The dogs were going crazy.
Surprising I know.

I do believe he was way more afraid of us.
And the little bugger wouldn’t sit still for me to take his picture, go figure. I mean he only had two dogs barking at him wanting to play.

When I tried to get him to go OUT of the garage with a little nudging from a paint stick he hissed at me and bared his teeth.
They have a lot of teeth.

I think he was after my Fish Window cleaner. Which by the way is AWESOME window cleaner.

He finally ran out of the garage and I do not think he will be making the same mistake anytime soon


6 thoughts on “Critter in the Garage”

  1. I've seen these in attack mode here in Texas too often, so I am terrified of possums. We caught one, years ago, and took it to a wildlife area (when we lived in Greater Houston area) and once we tossed it out of cage, it fell to the ground in a ball and literally played possum. We were all so upset, thinking it had died, we got a stick and tried to nudge it, repeatedly, and it wouldn't move a fraction…dead. Then, suddenly, as we were giving up, it JUMPED up, hissed and ran like a lightening bolt.

    Yours is kind of cute, especially with the paintbrushes all around. Those feetsies are pretty cute.


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