Craigslist Dresser and Mirror Redo

I finally finished the dresser and mirror for Carter’s room. I found these three pieces ( not the magazine holder) down in Sylva, NC.  The same place that I found the nightstand that I refinished, see photo below.  I paid $110.00 for all three pieces. Not the best deal, but not terrible. I really wanted the nightstand the others were just a bonus.  They were not in terrible condition, just looked dated, scuffed up and icky.

The mirror got a wipe down of de-glosser and two coats of black paint with primer. 

The dresser I had originally started stripping it down and was going to stain it. Half way through that process I said the heck with this. The wood was not pretty and it was going to look a lot better with a few coats of black paint. I also was going to distress it  but figured a 9 year old boy would do enough distressing of it on his own.

This is the night stand that I refinished that was purchased with the dresser and mirror. You can check out the refinishing process here.

The drawers after one coat of paint and drying.
I replaced the hardware with new. I would have liked to have cup pulls on all the drawers but for some reason, that of which I cannot figure out the bottom ones are a different size. Top 12 are 2 1/2 inch centers and the bottom 4 are 3 inch centers. Why, I have no idea, have they used different sizes. DRIVES ME CRAZY. Every piece of furniture I have refinished has had this issue and it makes it tricky finding hardware.

I finished the desk yesterday and I will post pics as soon as I get them taken.

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  1. They look great Krista and I am amazed at how quickly you seem to work! I just finished my moms picnic table. I will post eventually! The chair is going to take a bit more time. When it's done I am going to paint some vines and flowers on the back. So far so good! Wish you could do it for me, LOL!!
    Love Di ♥

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