Cone of Shame

From Each Day….

She looks like she has lost her best friend.
Life is so horrible.
Just pitiful I say.

Actually she is doing MUCH better, but hard to tell by this picture.

The swollen gums are gone and you can actually see her bottom teeth again.
The limp has disappeared and she is running and jumping, especially when it comes to dinner time.
She stills smells “neutral” which I guess is good for a dog.
Ears are clear.

All is good except the spots on her elbows. Cannot seem to get them to clear up hence the “Cone of Shame”. It keeps her from licking which keeps her from scratching which prevents the blood from getting all over my house.

I have put a call into the vet for a miracle cure. I have been trying anti fungal and anti-itch cream but I think it is time to pull out the big guns.

If anyone has a suggestion I am open to hear it. There are pictures of her elbows under the BARF diet….

And as ALWAYS, thanks so much for visiting.
It makes me smile!

One thought on “Cone of Shame”

  1. Martha is so pretty, even though she does appear to be pouting! Missed your lovely serene Sunday Morning post. Wondering if you have moved already and settled in or that's yet to come.

    Enjoy Autumn!

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