Wrestling Season Has Started

Wrestling season has started.

With two kids in the sport it makes for a very busy season.

This OK, because I really love watching them wrestle.

But let me tell you it is stressful.

It is great when they are winning.

Because you are so happy for them.

Relieved actually

If they are losing, well that is a whole different story.

There are matches that they will lose.

Their opponents could be stronger and better trained.

Or they could just be a dirty wrestler. (does not happen a lot)

The ref could miss something or choose not to call it.  (as a mom you think this happens more than it really does)

That is really hard to watch.

Especially when they are putting it all out there.

There is no equipment.

There are no team mates helping you out.

It is one on one with strength and skill.

When they win you are so happy and so RELIEVED.

But when they lose, well we just won’t go there.

P.S. My kids are in the green.

Way to go guys! So proud of you both.