Southern Bloggers Conference 2012

I am going, and I cannot wait.
I cannot wait to hang out with my girlfriend and fellow blogger Michelle at Adventures of Supermom.
I cannot wait to meet the women whose blogs I read.
I cannot wait to learn how to make my Blog better.
I mean I just love it when I go somewhere and I am talking to a complete stranger and they say “Needalattemom”? I know your blog. 
That is just so cool!

I do have a variety of things that I talk about on this blog, mainly family. I try not to get too private but sometimes ya just cannot help it.

 These are my boys…cute huh? I think I will keep them.

 My daughter. She is a full blown teenager.

This is my wonderful, patient, incredibly supportive husband and myself.

I am a photographer, so your gonna get pictures.
Lots of pictures.

I also redo furniture and haunt the Goodwill.
Heard a rumour that there will be some thrifting going on.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE finding a good deal.

I am kind of an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (TM) addict. Is there a 12 step program for this?

I weave.
Right now my loom and I are having a showdown.

Looking forward to an awesome weekend!
Cannot wait!

I Love My Loom

From Each Day….

My loom.
I love my loom.
My relationship with the loom is very sporadic though. It always takes me a long time to get a warp on it so when I do get it loaded I want it FULL! i hate to warp it. YUCK! It takes forever.
So wouldn’t ya know that I finally got a new warp on it and I have to move it.
It needs to go to North Carolina.

It is BIG. It does not fit through a doorway.

From Each Day….

The moving company came and assessed our house for the packing to determine just how much time they would need to pack and load our possession.

They also need to crate a few items and one of them is the loom.

From Each Day….

Guess how much they wanted to charge my husbands company to crate the loom.

Are you ready?

Here ya go….$2000.00!

I almost choked after I got done laughing at the rediculous amount. The darn thing is only worth $700.00, maybe.

Martha does not care. Just as long as she gets to go with us and we take this darn cone off her head.
Sorry, babe….the cone stays.

From Each Day….

See what I mean? Full warp. I had better get moving and get some rugs made.

From Each Day….

Heard a rumor that sock ends were going to become obsolete.  It is a good thing I have bins and bins of them in my garage. I actually think they multiplying the longer they sit out there.

From Each Day….

I am only allowing myself to weave the sock ends (loopers). I have got to get rid of them.
They are well traveled loopers though. They orginated in Kentucky and shipped to Virginia Beach VA. My husband and I have moved them from Virginia to North Carolina to Michigan to Virginia and will be making thier final move back to North Carolina.

I promise Bob. We won’t move them again.


From Each Day….
From Each Day….
From Each Day….

Weaving a shawl

My neighbor is a big weaver. Or I should say a weaver, spinner, knitter, quilter, dyer etc. She will pretty much try anything when it comes to fiber.  Anyway, she has loaned me her triangle loom which I think I have had for the last 6 months with same project on it sitting in my kitchen. I think the fact that  I did not have a deadline kept me from completing the project.
The first 4 shawls I made on this loom did not look right. I used the wrong fiber, finished the ends off incorrectly, had a flaw in the middle of it and my personal favorite…ran out of yarn. Then about 2 weeks ago she called to give me a heads up that she was going to want the loom back soon.
(This is my youngest kicking back playing his Nintendo DS)
I think it sat in this stage of completetion for months and her phone call lit a fire under me.

I finally finished it. I was/am so excited about it that I wanted one for myself. This shawl is for a girlfriend of mine but whatever I make I always wear once. I don’t think they mind.

I ran out and bought more yarn to make another shawl. I have 2 weeks to finish it. I thought I would keep this one for myself but I think my mother will get it for Christmas. 

P.S. Where did the spell check go on Blogger.


Don’t you just love it when a project is complete. This project started on Facebook with a “make something homemade for a friend”. The first five people to respond would receive something made by me. No virtual gifts allowed. It could be homemade cookies or something doodled and there was no guarantee that you will like it. I was really excited about this. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on how you look at it only 3 people responded. The fun part for me was to make something for 3 friends from high school that I have not seen in over 20 years. We were friends in school but had no contact since then. It has been a lot of fun chatting, we have all changed a lot. We grew up. We are wives and moms. Priorities have changed. Some are strong Christians, some not so much. Marriages have failed. One is losing a child. I am grateful to have them back in my life even if it is only with small phrases and comments through the week. I hope she likes the scarf I have made for her. It is Alpaca wool and so very soft.

My Little Loom

My neighbor has made me this wonderful little loom. It is so easy to use and portable. I have made several scarves on it using chenille for one and wool for the others. I lightly felted the wool ones and gave them away. I seem to give most everything I make away to friends. Right now I am working on a scarf for a friend on Facebook. The yarn is something that I picked up at Michael’s, Alpaca and acrylic. I will not be able to felt it becuase of the acrylic content but I am hoping that they will full up nicely. It is amazing how fast it is. Warping is fast also. I like that. If something takes to long I tend to lose interest. I think that comes from having kids running around and having a limited amount of time to complete a project. Right now this project has been sitting unfinished for about a week, I started it at my son’s soccer practice and I think I had better finish it. I think the reason it is not finished is becuase I have lost interest in the pattern and the look it is creating. I want to weave something else.