Desk in Country Grey and Duck Egg Blue { Before and After}

vintage stock furniture chalk paint maison blanche (2)
My latest thrift store find is this beat up mahogany desk that had seen better days.
The top was pretty scratched up, there was mold growing on the sides and what is an old barn fresh piece of furniture without a few mouse droppings.
Everything that was wrong with it could easily be fixed.

vintage stock furniture chalk paint maison blanche (3)

I first sanded the top with my orbital sander and started with 80 grit sand paper.
Then 120 grit
Finished with 220.
The top was smooth and perfect.
I love being able to sand down a piece of furniture and see the original wood come through.vintage stock furniture chalk paint maison blanche (4)

I wiped it down reeeeaaaal  gooooood.
No I did not  use a tack cloth, I am bad about that.
But I did use my leaf blower to blow all the dust off.vintage stock furniture chalk paint maison blanche (5)

I then stained the top with a mahogany stain.
When I am staining I like to use an old t-shirt that has been cut up and folded, I feel like I have better control over how it is applied.
I then use another piece of t-shirt to wipe of the excess. This is done several times to get any stain that has beaded up.
This is an important step because if you do not remove the excess it will never completely dry and remain tacky.
I know this because I have made the mistake.
It will eventually dry I told myself.
Never happened.

After it has completely dried, about 24 hours, I bring it into the house to apply the top clear coat.
By bringing it into the house I do not have to worry about Betty/Martha hair floating onto my perfect finish.

I have started using General Finishes Gel Top Coat and I absolutely LOVE IT!
You apply it with a rag and wipe it on. EASY PEASY with no dripping, bubbles, streaks nothing.
Just love it.
vintage stock furniture chalk paint maison blanche (6)

Once I have finished applying all the top coats I then start on the body of the piece.
I painted this one with Country Grey by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the main porting of the piece and used Duck Egg Blue on the drawers.
Sanded the paint by hand using 150 grit sanding block and finished it off with clear wax.vintage stock furniture chalk paint maison blanche (7)
The refinished top makes it look like a brand new piece of furniture.vintage stock furniture chalk paint maison blanche (8)

I was able to use the original hardware.
Always a bonus.vintage stock furniture chalk paint maison blanche (10)
And now it is finished and ready for a new home.





Turning Eleven is a BIG Deal!

 Turning eleven years old is a big deal!
Especially if you are the one whose birthday it is.

 Some how at this age, and younger the birthday turns into a birth week.
With his dad being out of town the week of his big day it ended up being celebrated  with a cake and gifts a week later.
He was a trooper and waited without complaint on opening his gifts.
The other two chittlins would have never done that without making a lot of noise.

 But that is Carter.
Always concerned about making it easier for others and not being a bother.

His God Father Mr. Primeau hooked him up with an awesome t-shirt, he thought this was very cool.
My little rocker who can name 70’s and 80’s rock bands and make his dad so proud.
My youngest who asks for a cross necklace and makes his mom’s heart melt.

 My youngest who keeps checking to see if he has passed me up in height, a battle I am quickly losing.

 One thing is for sure though, he will ALWAYS be my baby.

Easter Weekend…He has Risen, Indeed!

Easter weekend.

Is it bad that I love Holidays that don’t require a lot of planning?
I had originally planned on having a small dinner at home and it was just going to be the 5 of us.

 Ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, kale and brussell sprouts.
And Jello.
Is it just me or does Jello go hand in hand with Easter?
It was all pretty simple which is a good thing.

 My in-laws called on Thursday and said they were heading to Asheville for Easter.
Of course I did not have a bit of food in the house.
And my house was a mess!
It is quite impressive just how fast one can clean a house when there is a time limit!

 But Friday things changed.
I woke up with a bugger of a toothache.
A big ol’ oh my goodness this hurts like nothing I have ever felt before toothache.

And of course Friday the dentist office is closed.
I hated to call him on his day off.
But considering I had been up since 2:45am it took a lot of will power to wait until 7:30am to give him a call.
He met me at the office at 9am and my 9:15am I had confirmation of what I pretty much already knew. Abscess and a root canal were in my future.

So he loaded me up with Amoxicillin and  Oxycodone.
Every four hours.
I have been trying to not miss a dose.
It hurts when I do.

Dinner plans were changed for Friday night.
It was thought best not to take me to a fancy shmancy restaurant 3 sheets to the wind on pain medication.
I wonder what they thought would happen?

 But with the rain all day Saturday we hung close to home and this was a good thing.
We did make most of the food for Easter dinner ahead of time.
And I did take lots of naps.

 Church on Sunday morning was nice.
Unfortunately I did not take my meds prior to heading to church.
Thought maybe it may not leave a good impression with my looking stoned during church.
Wish I had.

But we have had a nice visit with my in-laws.
They are easy to be around.
It always cracks me up when people give me that odd look when I tell them my in-laws are coming for a visit.
I have to correct them by, it is okay. I like my in-laws.

 So Happy Easter from the Virginia and North Carolina Mosby’s


My cell phone is going to be the death of my picture taking.

 I’ve been sitting here looking through the pictures on my laptop.
It took me about 2 minutes to get through them all if that long.
I have been taking a lot of useless photos on my cell phone.
Crappy photos actually.
Snapping pics and putting them on Instagram or on FB.

 It is just so easy and I don’t have to lug around my big camera.
Well, because if that I have very few pics from the last year and half.

I must rectify this.
This has to change.

I am not keeping up my end of the bargain of irritating the crap out of my kids, insisting that they smile for the camera.

I have a photo from when my mom and I went to D.C. when I was 13yo. I can still  hear her saying…”stand over there in front of that monument and smile”.  By the time we were done with that vacation I was ready to hurl that 110 camera into the Potomac River. There were just one too many photos of monuments growing out of my head.

These pictures are from almost a year ago on the day we brought Betty home. Oh my gosh she was so little and cute!

 And OzMan. Miss that darn cat so much.
Now we have Sometimes Cat.
Sometimes he is here, sometimes he is at work.
Sometimes he is nice, sometimes he is mean as a snake.
Sometimes I like him, sometimes not so much.

I will start taking more pictures.
My kids will be thrilled.

Spring Break

 I am such a terrible mom.
I forced my kids to get outside on spring break.
Made them play disc golf for the afternoon, breath in fresh air and get a little exercise.

 These two didn’t hit  par many times if any but they played with some style.

 Carter gave up on disc golf a while ago. He prefers to ride his bike and occasionally ends up being the caddy.

 Betty thoroughly enjoyed running around like the ninny that she is.
Unfortunately I forgot to bring treats to “encourage” her to come when called.
This girl needs some more home schoolin and I am slacking on that big time.
She was very intrigued with the discs and kept trying to retrieve them or should I say snag them and run away with them. Retrieving is not in her vocabulary.

 Besides riding his bike he will throw in a tree here and there.

 Open your eyes Carter…it’s the sun!
I know you have locked yourself in your room becoming one with your ds/computer/ipod but it is time to enter the world.

There are no pictures…I don’t have the energy to find any.

Christmas is looming down. Fast.
I am beginning to wonder if I will get anything done. What I need to get done and what I want to get done are probably two different things.

Christmas cards are done. Correction. The Christmas cards are addressed but they just needs stamps.
I have not had time to go to the post office.  I know there are people that would say “why do them, why add more to your plate?”
Well it is Christmas and it is what you do. Plus I like getting Christmas cards.

The tree is up and it is pretty.  It does need a topper, a star or an Angel. Something. I will get to it soon.
Maybe. The kids (Carter) would like to see something up there, it has been mentioned a few times.

The mantle is adorned with  Nutcrackers and is in dire need of a wreath.
I have determined that it is not going to get one.

I did accomplish lots this weekend. Laundry. Many loads of laundry.
Laundry is the epitome of shoveling snow before the blizzard has ended.

Oh, and it was my husbands birthday so I was able to make dinner…and Sophia made the cake.

I cleaned the bathroom, kinda. It needed a new shower rod and after driving to two different stores to buy a true tension rod shower curtain holder that does not fall down I discovered that they do not exist. The one I brought home to replace the one I have was broken. Now I will be toting a broken shower rod in my car in hopes that I remember to return it.

I would love to get cookies made sometime before Christmas but I guess if I don’t actually get them done I will save myself 10 lbs.

I was asked if I had made my Christmas list? Really? The last thing on my mind is what I want for Christmas. Right now I am way more concerned that I can figure out what to get my kids and husband and when I am actually going to get it done.
Between wrestling practice and matches, swim practice and meets, violin practice, making sure there is actually food in the house to eat, laundry…oh so much laundry. Cleaning and ridding the house of the dog fur that is exploding around me.

Why do dogs shed so much? I mean really. Why?

I did hire a housekeeper. The first time she came was great but then it has quickly deteriorated. The last time she came to the house she must have had been a REAL hurry. Not only was it a poor cleaning job but she left the the door open and Betty took that as a clear invitation to come in and eat and chew everything she could reach.
I decided to have a talk with her about the issues I was having and go over theses things on her next visit.  She canceled.

So now I am feeling guilty telling her that I don’t want her to come any more. Go figure.

My husband says I need to find something that makes me happy. Less stressed.

I know…..give me more hours in the day and I will spend some time figuring out what that is. Until the I don’t have time.

Kicking off the Christmas Season

This weekend has been spent at Christmas Concerts and violin performances.

Pressed khakis and ties.

Singing Silent Night and Jingle Bells.

If going to an elementary school Christmas program doesn’t put you into the Christmas spirit I don’t think anything will.

Asheville Christian Academy put on a beautiful production. What children are capable of doing when given the opportunity and support is just amazing.

After we finished the Christmas concert on Friday we had the violin concert on Sunday.

Little bitty guys to the big guys.

For now the tree is up.

The house is a disaster.

And I need to make Christmas cookies and send my Christmas cards.

The Day After….

 The day after Thanksgiving usually meant an oyster roast at my husband’s ex-wife’s home.
Yes that is weird but we will not go into it.
It is a strange conversation that needs to be saved for a few beers.
Anyhoo….we would go over to her house for a big oyster roast Friday after Thanksgiving but they have since stopped the big feast.
But I am digressing.
Oysters. YUM!
Steamed oysters with cocktail sauce and melted butter.
Oh, and beer.

Eventually you stumble across a crab.
A sweet little crab that you tell your son that he has to eat because it is super sweet and tastes like crab.
He does end up looking at you a little weird, but he eats it.

Critter in the Garage

Can you see him?
He is in there.

The dogs were going crazy.
Surprising I know.

I do believe he was way more afraid of us.
And the little bugger wouldn’t sit still for me to take his picture, go figure. I mean he only had two dogs barking at him wanting to play.

When I tried to get him to go OUT of the garage with a little nudging from a paint stick he hissed at me and bared his teeth.
They have a lot of teeth.

I think he was after my Fish Window cleaner. Which by the way is AWESOME window cleaner.

He finally ran out of the garage and I do not think he will be making the same mistake anytime soon


“Give. Inspire. Connect. Receive…Pass It On.”



“Give. Inspire. Connect. Receive…Pass It On.”

This is their mantra.

How beautiful is that.

Elise and John  Van Arnam were my son’s soccer coach this fall.
A wonderful, positive, encouraging pair.
I loved that they had such a positive influence over my son.
The kind of people you want in your life.

Elise and her friend started a business call SoulKu.  This is the link to see the product and purchase. 
 It’s a little blurry  (snagged it from their website)

They created these beautiful cards to pass on to others to encourage connecting with people that we meet.
         Each product is created to bridge the gap between wanting to say/do something kind and actually doing it.

We are interacting with people constantly but how often do we really acknowledge when someone really touches us personally.

They also have blog of photos their sharing here.

So Elise gave me these and I have had them on my desk for far too long.
Because I loved them so much, they were so wonderful that I wanted to do something really special with them.
Well that kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

 The New Year is almost here and I cannot think of a better way to start it off.

“Give. Inspire. Connect. Receive…Pass It On.”