English Family {Asheville Family Photographer}

A quick peek at a photo shoot I did this afternoon.

JUST warm enough to take the pictures outside.

Just cool enough to want to hurry up and put our jackets back on.

A new little boy with two big sisters.

With BIG blue eyes.

and sassy little flair.

Honestly, so adorable in your sparkly high tops and leopard patterned top!
 The link to view the rest of the photos below…

Southern Bloggers Conference 2012

I am going, and I cannot wait.
I cannot wait to hang out with my girlfriend and fellow blogger Michelle at Adventures of Supermom.
I cannot wait to meet the women whose blogs I read.
I cannot wait to learn how to make my Blog better.
I mean I just love it when I go somewhere and I am talking to a complete stranger and they say “Needalattemom”? I know your blog. 
That is just so cool!

I do have a variety of things that I talk about on this blog, mainly family. I try not to get too private but sometimes ya just cannot help it.

 These are my boys…cute huh? I think I will keep them.

 My daughter. She is a full blown teenager.

This is my wonderful, patient, incredibly supportive husband and myself.

I am a photographer, so your gonna get pictures.
Lots of pictures.

I also redo furniture and haunt the Goodwill.
Heard a rumour that there will be some thrifting going on.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE finding a good deal.

I am kind of an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (TM) addict. Is there a 12 step program for this?

I weave.
Right now my loom and I are having a showdown.

Looking forward to an awesome weekend!
Cannot wait!

Mr. and Mrs. Casey Harling

Brianna and Casey were married on July 13th. Friday the 13th to be exact ,but there was nothing but good luck on this day.
A beautiful outdoor wedding on the shores of  Lake Superior.
I think the only person who worries about the weather more on the big day than the bride is the photographer. Thankfully they were blessed with a beautiful day.

I took this picture of Brianna on June 2, 1988.
You have come a long way beautiful little girl, congratulation!

Cory Swanson, High School Graduation Portraits { Asheville Photographer}

 My trip to Minneeesooootaaa was busy.
And hot.
Really Hot.  The air conditioning was broken (there was no north east wind blowing off of Lake Superior)
Did I mention that it was hot?
Everyone always says “oh, I couldn’t live in the south, it is just too hot”
We have air conditioning people!
OK, getting off topic here.

 My purpose of the trip to the north was for my girlfriends daughters wedding and these are obviously not the pictures.
And to take the grad pictures of another girlfriends son.

 The guy was so handsome and relaxed, talk about making my job easy.

 We should have started at 7am instead of 10am. The lighting was brutal. I thought I would be nice and let the kid sleep in.

 Next time he gets up a 7!

 I showed my husband what I had taken.
His comment “Krista in a field of cows again, imagine that”
I do seem to spend a fair amount with the bovine.
That and red heads.

Until next time…

Erwin High School Prom { Asheville Photographer }

Prom time.
The time of year when you see your children dressed to the nines and you realize that they are not little any more.

Every school does prom different. Erwin High School had theirs at a separate venue called The Crest.  I am sure it was fancy schmancy and tons of fun. With all the fancy shoes kicked to side the minute they all got there so they can dance all night!

My prom was held at our high school (25 years ago, ACK!) Everyone met in the auditorium for the Grand March. This is where each couple walked out on stage and everyone was able to take pictures and see all the couples.
We then went out to dinner and then came back to the high school for the dance.

Now Everyone goes to the dance with or without a date.
I think that is great, everyone gets to go.

I took the pictures of SuperMom’s daughter and her best friend. The link to her blog is there.
They were great, easy going and READY to go have a great time.
When I got to Supermom’s home the girls and I went out to do pictures, I banned the other adults from coming out with us, I knew the girls would be more relaxed without a million eyes on them.

To be 18 years old again.
Wow, that seems like a long time ago and only just yesterday.
How is that?

Thank you girls for allowing me to be a part of something you will hopefully always remember.