Ozzy Met the Boogy Man

 Ozzy is tired.
Ozzy had a rough night.
Why don’t cats sleep during the night instead of all day?

Ozzy encountered something much bigger than him.
Something with really big teeth and a mean bite.

 After a trip to the vet where he received a Rabies shot and another of antibiotics he was sent home to recuperate.

 Nothing looked broken just a couple of big holes in his paw and bruised pride.

 He came home and curled up on Martha’s bed.

 All day he slept.

 He really was pitiful. I felt really sorry for him.
I know he was hurting because he didn’t really want to eat.

 He would have shared the bed with Martha, he does like to cuddle with her.

 Martha would rather sleep outside.

 And she was being a little sympathetic to the Oz Man.

A Goat for Fifty Bucks!

 Juan, our yard man showed up yesterday to finish the job of laying sod.

He had started regrading the back yard about 2 weeks ago and was just getting back to us to finish the sod.  The “Boss Man” tried to get by with seed and straw even after I told him no seed and straw, but that is a whole different story.

So Juan and Juan, yes two Juans were in the back yard attempting to finish up and they ran out of sod.  I told them they were not going to have enough with the first pallet but again, that is another story.

So Juan says, “Kreesta I rooon out of sod.  I go buy aneether  load, but I no theeenk we neeed a whooole pallet.” 

Yes Juan you need another pallet, just buy a whole pallet. I will give your another check (the 3rd check) go buy the sod. 

Juan was gone a while and I thought dang it, we are not getting this job finished today.

Juan, God Love Him, is the one who almost burned down my house. 

Juan also cut my cable, phone and internet line.

Juan bumped into the hot water heater and we had no hot water.

Juan is a hard worker and I really like to give him a hard time. 

A while later I hear him out back and so I went to see how it was going and this conversation occur ed.

Krista:    Hey Juan how is it going?

Juan 1:   Gooood Kreeestaaa,  You seee my gooooaaat?

Krista:   What? Juan? You not have enough sooood?

Juan 1:   Noooo, Kreeeesta, my gooooooot,  eeeets in the baaaack of mmeee traaayler.

Krista:   Juan, what are you talking about? Slow down, I flunked Spanish remember?

Juan 2:    el chivo Dama Loca   (A goat you crazy lady)

Krista:    Goat? where?

Juan 1:   Baaaaack of the traaayyler.

So I walk to the driveway and imagine my surprise, there is a GOAT it the back of his trailer hot tied and looking at me like  “WTH!”

I walk back behind the house and look at Juan like he has lost his mind.

Krista:   Juan! What are you going to do with a goat and you cannot leave him tied up in that trailer that way.

Juan 1:  I bought heeemmm for feeeefty bucks.  I see theeeese goooat tied ooop and I say to the maaan. ” I geeeve you feeefty bucks for the gooooat.”    The man saaaays me crazy, that gooooat is worth at leaaast one hundreeed and fifty doooolllars.   Juan says’  I have feeeftly bucks, I give you feeeeftly bucks,  that gooooat neeed a girlfriend and I have a girlfriend for him, she make heeeem haappy!

Juan got a goat for fifty bucks and he brought that damn goat to my house.

Meet the goat.

A snow from winters past.

I have been kind of wishing for snow.  The snow storm that comes in one day and leaves the next. Wishful thinking, I know.
These are photos that I took during massive dumping that we got in December of 09.

Martha thinks it is all great fun.

She was pouncing like a fox after mice in a field.
She is a true Michigan dog that loves the cooler weather.

One of the Cardinals I am sure that will be smashing its body into my window in the spring. Cardinals, not the brightest birds around that is for sure.

A Saturday morning in Asheville, NC

We have been in Asheville now for 2 weeks and are about 3/4 of the way moved in. That may be a little generous but that is what I am going with. It makes me feel a little better.

The kids have been going a little bonkers and to expel a little excess energy we took them to Fletcher Park to play disc golf, ride bikes and let Martha wander.

Bob and Sam play golf while Carter rides around the park on his bike.

Sam is loving disc golf. He is pretty good.

From November 12, 2011

From November 12, 2011

From November 12, 2011

Martha thinks the discs are for her. They look just like a Frisbee.  They are throwing them. They MUST need me to go get them right?

From November 12, 2011

Sam thought he could out run Carter on his bike. Good luck kid!

From November 12, 2011

At this park you must wear your helmet or you will get a $10.00 ticket.

From November 12, 2011

From November 12, 2011

From November 12, 2011

A beautiful day. A relaxing day. But I have hit the wall and it is time to go to bed….

From November 12, 2011

Cone of Shame

From Each Day….

She looks like she has lost her best friend.
Life is so horrible.
Just pitiful I say.

Actually she is doing MUCH better, but hard to tell by this picture.

The swollen gums are gone and you can actually see her bottom teeth again.
The limp has disappeared and she is running and jumping, especially when it comes to dinner time.
She stills smells “neutral” which I guess is good for a dog.
Ears are clear.

All is good except the spots on her elbows. Cannot seem to get them to clear up hence the “Cone of Shame”. It keeps her from licking which keeps her from scratching which prevents the blood from getting all over my house.

I have put a call into the vet for a miracle cure. I have been trying anti fungal and anti-itch cream but I think it is time to pull out the big guns.

If anyone has a suggestion I am open to hear it. There are pictures of her elbows under the BARF diet….

And as ALWAYS, thanks so much for visiting.
It makes me smile!

Max the Instigator

My afternoon nap yesterday backfired on me.
I could not sleep last night.
At all.
Even after  Benadryl.
I went out to the sofa to watch TV and try to fall asleep but Martha was making a racket.
I am blaming that on Max.
See, Martha went to her cousin Max’s house this weekend.
Max taught Martha how to snore.
This is Max and Max snores.
 Max also likes to roll in the mud.
Such a bad influence.
We all love us some Max though.

Martha and the BARF Diet

From Each Day….

Miss Martha has not been feeling well. She has never had a very strong constitution but things have gotten worse for her since last November.

Skin issues with Golden Retrievers is pretty common. Seizures are common. Smelly ears are common. Allergies are common. The list could go on and on. And she has them all.

Martha started to get really obsessive about scratching and licking. We were fussing at her all the time to stop. Forget about letting her sleep in the same room with us at night. And she smelled horrible. Her breath was awful and if you pet her you had to wash your hands right away because they would smell so bad.

From Each Day….

I brought her to the vet and he prescribed Cyclosporine and gave her a prednisone shot. She was on the Cyclosporine for 3 months and we attempted to ween her off but she started scratching all over again. We tried to start the regimen again but never got the desired results.

Back to the vet again (well actually many times) we had a scare of possible Lymphoma, a round of Doxycycline, weight loss, swollen gums, swollen paws,swollen elbows that were raw and bleeding,  no appetite, and then she started limping. It was time to switch vets.

The new vet did a full blood work-up, took x-rays of her leg and did research on the cyclosporine.

Come to find out that a side affect of the Cyclosporine is : heavy callusing on the footpads, red/swollen ear flaps, and proliferation of the gums.  Hmmmm, you would think the vet that prescribed the medication would have been aware of the side affects especially after we came back with the problems.

From Each Day….
From Each Day….
From Each Day….

So now we are off the Cyclosporine.  The side affects should hopefully be gone in 3 months.

She was placed on an antibiotic, medicated shampoo and another form of prednisone. But most importantly we have changed her diet. We have taken her off traditional dog food and is now on the BARF diet.

I told you that her breath and coat smelled horrible. You really could not stand to be near her.
Well not anymore. I started her on the raw 2 days ago and the smell is GONE. I am not kidding, GONE. I expected it to go away but I never though it would be so profound and so fast.

I do not give her any grains. She is only getting raw beef, chicken, fish all with the bones. All whole, not ground up. Selective fruit and veggies. Whole egg with shell and  loves every bit of it. She used to be such a pest when it came to food, always begging for it, now she seems much more satisfied. I am really looking forward to seeing how she is 3 months from now

From Each Day….

The end is near…

School is almost over. This is the last week. I am kind of looking forward to it, kinda. This will be the first summer that I have worked and cannot have the kids with me at work.  I have stressed about what they are going to do for the summer. Will I be able keep them from getting bored and killing each other while I am gone?

I am the only one at work who can do my job right now. The person who worked with me  quit 2 weeks ago and I have not yet filled her position. She was originally to retire in January but she decided to stay. She was not happy and I knew she was going to quit again and she did. I wish she would have done it in January so I would have more time to train someone. Now I have vacation time coming up and no one to cover my time. It will work out. I know it will. I just wish I knew I had more time to find the right person. Someone with a great attitude and self driven. Needless to say I am stressing out about this.

I was going through my photos trying to find something to put in the blog and I came across these….

Sir Poops Alot was our pet hamster. He was an awesome little hamster as far as hamsters go.  But Poops succumbed to diabetes, we think.  Burying a hamster in Michigan in the winter is a little bit of a challenge.

Sam brought us all to tears with his comments. He is my tender hearted little one.

Thanks for visiting….


Happy New Year and a few other things..

Happy New Year!

I was so excited to have gotten the Christmas cards finished, unfortunatly I did not get them in the mail until Tuesday. Oh well, better late than never. Right?

From Each Day….

My youngest was chosen to bring home the classroom gerbil named Theodore. This was a big event for Carter but an even bigger one for Ozzy the cat.  The poor cat has been about to crawl out of his skin trying to get his teeth into this little critter. Fortunately Theodore is used to being around  dozens of little kids and is not the least bit bothered by the cat.

From Each Day….

So close yet so far away……good bye!

From Each Day….

My husband and I went out for a while and when we can home we saw this. 
MOM:  “Carter, uh, what are you doing?”
Carter: “Cleaning the microwave mom, duh! Can you get me a spray bottle?”
Mom: “Whhhhyyyyy?
Carter: Looking at me like I have a 3rd head…”Because it is on the top of the microwave and I cannot get it clean.”
 Imagine my confusion…they are cleaning up after themselves.

From Each Day….