How does this happen?

I have been sitting on the sofa looking at old photos on my computer and pulled up the photo file from nine years ago today.

Nine years ago Carter was 1 1/2 years old.

Nine years ago we were living in Morganton, NC.

In that time we have moved from Morganton, NC to Oxford, MI.

From Oxford, MI to Culpeper, VA.

And hopefully, finally from Culpeper, VA to Asheville, NC

In nine years my youngest son has gone from looking like this cute little monkey to this…

My sweet baby. He will always be my baby.

My youngest is no longer little.

This makes me sad. 🙁

The middle child…..

is four in this picture.

Bed time was at 7:30….a glorious 7:30.
Now we are lucky if they are in bed by 10:00. 
Correction….he just said goodnight to me and it is 10:36, something tells me he does not want me to “tuck him in”
He starts High School in the fall.
How does that happen?
Nine years ago Sophia was going into 2nd grade.
I don’t think she had even lost any teeth yet.
But she still has the very blue eyes.
And reading everything in print.
She is practicing behind the wheel to get her license next spring.
And in one month she will be entering the 11th grade.
How does this happen?

Words from a nine year old

This little monkey wrote this for school, obviously before Thanksgiving and I just found it now.
I wanted to share this with you even though the Thanksgiving has passed. All spelling and punctuation is as written.

Thanksgiving reminds me of all the things I’m thankful for.  I appreciate family, God and, school.

I’m especially thankful for family because they care for me and give me love and keep me alive. They provide me food and shelter.

I also appreciate God because in my world he created life and made the world. Without him we wouldn’t be here now.

Finally, I’m grateful for school because if i stay in school I will get a good education and maybe a job.  And with a job then i get money to keep me alive.

As I enjoy this holiday season. I relize that I have may reasons to be thankful. Family, God and school are very important to me.

Wrestling Season Has Started

Wrestling season has started.

With two kids in the sport it makes for a very busy season.

This OK, because I really love watching them wrestle.

But let me tell you it is stressful.

It is great when they are winning.

Because you are so happy for them.

Relieved actually

If they are losing, well that is a whole different story.

There are matches that they will lose.

Their opponents could be stronger and better trained.

Or they could just be a dirty wrestler. (does not happen a lot)

The ref could miss something or choose not to call it.  (as a mom you think this happens more than it really does)

That is really hard to watch.

Especially when they are putting it all out there.

There is no equipment.

There are no team mates helping you out.

It is one on one with strength and skill.

When they win you are so happy and so RELIEVED.

But when they lose, well we just won’t go there.

P.S. My kids are in the green.

Way to go guys! So proud of you both.

Oak Island Family Vacation

For our family vacation this year we rented a house on Oak Island, North Carolina. It had been too many years since we had done that and it was way past due.  In fact I don’t think Carter was ever on one of those and he is nine.

 My husband grew up on the ocean and I grew up on Lake Superior. Being near the water is very comforting for the both of us.

 Sitting on the beach in the late afternoon reading has always seemed like the best time of day. Digging your toes in the sand.
Nothing like it.

 But of course I would have been reading something not so heavy as Les Miserables.
It would have been some trashy beach novel.
But if you have put off your summer reading assigments you get to read Les Mis at the beach.
I guess it makes it a little easier to read.

Sometimes you need your brothers help.

Sophia was in major goofball form. We were in the backyard of my in-laws and they have these great trees. The kids have climbed, swung in swings, sat under and enjoyed them since they have been very little.

She would put a chair up to the base of the tree and climb on up.

Of course she is older and taller now so there is no giving advise.

She can do in without help.

Just need to get a foothold.

I can do it she says.

Just give me a sec she says.

Finally she accepted Sam’s help.
One little boost and a hoist.

Not that she will scratch her legs all up.

And then we left her there.

And laughed.

Laughed so hard the tears came.

She NEEDED our help.

Her brother was sympathetic, kind of.

Not sure if he is pushing or pulling?

My legs would be all tore up.

She made it.

Not that she is determined or anything.

See, I did it! Ok, with some help.

I have a picture of her here when she was 8. That was yesterday you know.

Carefull Sam, it ma be a trick.

Sometimes they act like they actually like each other.

and get along.

A fleeting moment in time.

Sam my quiet one, Sophia the one to be the center of attention.

This could be a little flip book.

Duck lips?

hang loose!

and she’s gone.

Easter Egg Hunt in the Neighborhood

Our neighbors hosted a Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday afternoon.  It was a beautiful day that was bright and sunny. (difficult for taking pictures though)
We had not met many of our neighbors being that we moved in the middle of the winter. That is hunker down time, no one seems to leave their homes. I was honestly beginning to think no one lived here. That they were all pretend homes. Everyone is out and about now, working in their yards and walking their dogs.

Sophia finally met Olivia, the only other teenager that I know of that lives in the neighborhood.
Carter was in serious egg hunt mode, he was ready to get the party started. There was candy to be found and he was going for it.
Olivia and Sophia, those names just sound pretty together.

Trying to tell Carter that he needs to leave the low lying easy to find ones for the little kids. Lots a luck there.

Little Miss R was rather intrigued by Carter and would have really like him to move over so she could sit with him. I know Carter was thinking…aah, no. Your a girl and I ain’t sitting with no girl.

She finally gave up and went to sit with her brother.

Candy? Who needs candy. Rocks will work fine thank you.

Master C sitting down and enjoying a sample of the fruits of the hunt. Enjoy it now kid because you know, all candy disappears after midnight. It is in the fine print.

Renu and Arthur, our hosts.

It was so bright out that all of her pictures she is looking down. It is a classic little kid picture. You know the ones where your mom knows she is to have the sun to her back while taking the picture but it is so bright that you cannot look at her without squinting.

See? Looking down.

Sophia and Bob. I am loving seeing a smile on our daughters face againI missed it. A LOT

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Sonya and Frank, Grandparents to Master C and Lady R.

Egg races.

Carter and the girls

It’s going to be tight.

A tie in the end

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The adults are going to give it a try.

They are a talented group I tell ya.

Your a brave kid Carter playing water balloon toss with your sister.

Musical Chairs. When was the last time you played?

It was a fun afternoon. We would have enjoyed socializing a bit more with everyone but we had to pick up Sam in Hillsville.

Thank you Renu and Arthur for some wonderful memories.

My youngest is nine today….wow!

Carter is NINE today. It really is amazing how fast the time goes when looking back. I thought I would quickly select a few pictures of him through the years, ya right.  I thought it would be quick. I thought it would be easy.  Think Again! Here are a few of the highlights…Remote control lessons with dad.
Love, love, love this hat on him, just makes me giggle.
Turning TWO, what is there not to to happy about.
One of the many bumps and bruises. I think this is the one I came home to after being in South Africa.  He got nailed my a metal door at the school gymnasium. OUCH!

OOOO, this was a biggie. He pushed the iron over with the palm of his hand.  We had to go to the doctor everyday for 2 weeks.
When we had first moved to our house in Michigan he was able to run under the counter tops on the island, he never took into consideration that he grew taller. This on almost required surgery.
The third birthday
His first ride on the motorcycle. Of course they only went like 5 miles an hour.

How sweet is this. We had been home bound for 2 weeks with the snowstorm. Martha loves his Carter.

And another. I got nothing. Don’t remember. Oh, wait this is where he fell out of bed and showed us the next morning.  He either never cried or Bob and I sleep pretty hard.
Preschool buds

You have to admit, pretty impressive.
But he cleans up pretty well!

That’s my Carter! Happy Birthday Baby!

Fired Up!

Sam and I went to Fired Up! in Asheville this past weekend. He had been bugging me to go for a few weeks and finally we were able to get there. We had gone last month and I thought I had done a blog but apparently I never got it done.    
The last time were were there we painted pottery but this time we wanted to work with glass. You start with a plain piece of glass, I chose a clear square piece. You then glue different colors and shapes to the top of the large square. There are many colors and shapes to select or you can use the glass cutter to make you own.
After you have your design laid out and glued they stick it in the kiln and melt the glass and it all fuses together…and voila! Sun catcher!

The only hard part was coming up with a design, we must have started over a dozen times. But finally, three hours later we were finally done.

We really had a great time. It was nice just the two of us hanging out. Sam is a funny kid, cracks me up. And he is growing up fast. I think he a grown a foot in the last month, voice is changing and shaving.

He is a good kid. I am lucky, I just wish I could keep him young forever.

Carter Received the Mighty Oak Award

 Carter’s class voted to give him the Might Oak Award. He didn’t know that he was receiving it but his dad and I were let in on the secret.

 Here is the Principal placing the ribbon around his neck. He was so excited he could not stop grinning. Neither could his parents for that matter!

 His teacher, Ms. Higgins is reading about the characteristics that led Carter to receive the award

 Yes I took a lot of pictures. Yes I am posting all of them. I am mom and this is my son and I am so proud of him. Plus he is really cute and pretty sweet!

I love this picture. It just makes me smile from ear to ear looking at it. Cannot tell that he is very excited about it, can you?