Sophia and Mia, ACRHS Homecoming 2012

 Homecoming at A.C. Reynolds High School was this weekend.
Hard to believe that the little girl in the photo below is grown up enough to be my daughter above.

The saying that time really flies, is true.
Although there are times when is seems to go backwards, that we will never get beyond what is happening at that moment

My daughter who is strong enough pin the boy above is the beautiful young lady in a dress and heals with make-up and jewels.

The little girl with the black eye from the neighborhood boy (HE is a TWIT) is the stunning young lady below.

Hopefully not taking themselves too seriously and having a good time.
Good friends.

You both looked beautiful, I hope you had a good time.

Asheville Drum Circle with Friends

My childhood friend Shawn and his wife Georgine came to visit two weekends ago. They were in Charlotte for the weekend and made the drive to Asheville to see me. (at least that is what I am telling myself)
Shawn and I grew up as next door neighbors from the age of 6 until we graduated from high school.
Well he graduated a year ahead of me. He’s OLDER than me. Much older than I am.
We grew up in a community of about 300 people, if that many. It was the rockin town of Knife River, MN.
We did Luther League together and went on retreats to Camp Vermillion in the Nisswandt’s decrepit VW bug. Confirmation together with Pastor Reppe. Had bonfires on the beach of Lake Superior. Played spin the bottle behind the church. Played kickball at the Rec Center. Played cartoon tag in my cousins back yard. Swam in the river at the Chup pond. Basically ran amok and had a blast doing it.
But we had not seen each other in 26 years.
When you don’t see someone for a long time like that you wonder “How is this going to go?”
It was so wonderful to see him again and to finally meet his wife and hear about his FIVE kids, four of which are girls!
For them to make the effort to come to Asheville meant a lot to me.

While they were here we went to see the Asheville Drum Circle. Every Friday during the warmer months they meet in a park in the downtown. Anyone is welcome to join in.
It’s eclectic.
It’s a little bazaar.
It’s wonderful for people watching.
Very relaxed and a great way to get a feel for the Asheville vibe.

If you make it to Asheville for a visit it is worth doing.

Southern Bloggers Conference 2012

I am going, and I cannot wait.
I cannot wait to hang out with my girlfriend and fellow blogger Michelle at Adventures of Supermom.
I cannot wait to meet the women whose blogs I read.
I cannot wait to learn how to make my Blog better.
I mean I just love it when I go somewhere and I am talking to a complete stranger and they say “Needalattemom”? I know your blog. 
That is just so cool!

I do have a variety of things that I talk about on this blog, mainly family. I try not to get too private but sometimes ya just cannot help it.

 These are my boys…cute huh? I think I will keep them.

 My daughter. She is a full blown teenager.

This is my wonderful, patient, incredibly supportive husband and myself.

I am a photographer, so your gonna get pictures.
Lots of pictures.

I also redo furniture and haunt the Goodwill.
Heard a rumour that there will be some thrifting going on.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE finding a good deal.

I am kind of an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (TM) addict. Is there a 12 step program for this?

I weave.
Right now my loom and I are having a showdown.

Looking forward to an awesome weekend!
Cannot wait!

Fourth of July at the Bounds

 Our neighbors, the Bounds hosted  a wonderful 4th of July picnic at their home today. Complete with hotdogs, potato salad and watermelon.
Of course there were fireworks too!

 It has been incredibly, unseasonably hot here but thankfully the weather gave us a break with the heat.

 Sparklers are always fun. Amazing how even adults can become mesmerized by them.

 Little Miss Kate your a pretty thing I say flashing that smile!

 We had a brief rain shower that cooled things off a little and added a bunch of humidity. Made shooting of fireworks a little safer in that we were not going to burn down the sub-division.

 Wake up Trae! He is a little sleepy after running a 5K this morning.

 You can just hear her saying “hehehehehe”

 The boys wet from chasing each other with the hose I believe. I never really got the full story on that one.

 Miss Rel telling you all about it!

 Sam looking absolutely thrilled but being a trooper with no one there his age.

Trouble. Looks like Trouble. There is serious plotting going on here, I can tell. I am a mom. I know these things.  There are intent looks going on.

 Glow sticks! Didn’t get any pictures of the glow sticks in balloons, but a cool idea. Gonna have to give that one a try. I bought bubbles that glow in the dark but forgot them at the camper.

 Reclining on Dad.

 Sam continuing to be a sport.

 Dave explaining the finer points of  a Corona.

 Kids don’t cross THIS LINE____________! The safety Zone

 They are staying put. I am impressed.

 The Dads lighting off the fireworks.

 They say it is for the kids but we know the truth.

 Sam attempting to remain a good sport.

 He was so tired I honestly thought he was going to fall asleep right there.

 Must. Not. Fall. Asleep.

 They act just like little kids. You know they were the kids with the bottle rockets and cherry bombs when they were younger.

 Hey Carter, look this way!

 So he did.

 Little girls in their ruffled skirts and rubber boots.

 Rel and her friends.

 Explaining it all to them!

 That is my boy!



 Love this one!

 Sam is no longer being a good sport and is just making faces at his mother with the camera. He asked me to delete this one. Nope. You did it. I blog it.

 See Sam, shouldn’t do that.

Happy Fourth of July folks!

The Boys of Culpeper

Sam is home. I really missed him while he was gone.  The house was strangely quiet and I think that is funny because Sam is a really quiet kid, compared to the other two.   He went to Hillsville, VA to spend the weekend with his buds from Culpeper.  The boys grandparents have a farm and they spent the entire weekend playing football, fishing, riding in trucks, playing in the woods, chasing the cows. The list goes on I am sure but that is what we have heard so far on the way home before he fell asleep.
He is sunburned, scratched, banged, bruised and very happy to have been able to spend the weekend with his best friends. His father and I hated to take him away, I know he wanted to stay. Heck, I wanted to stay. Cannot wait to see you on Mother’s Day!

Over Easy Cafe in Asheville, NC

The old saying of “Look what the cat dragged in” brought in our friend Sam from Alabama. Sam is up in our neck of the woods for a few weeks so she ventured over the mountain to hear friends play in the Blue Grass Festival.
My husband met Sam on the Internet.  A bunch of bad biker dudes talk on the Internet and then decide to meet up somewhere in the country. This really raises all kind of stereotypes, most of which couldn’t be further from the truth with this crowd. The group is spread all over the country and get together formally once a year for the official forum reunion. When someone is traveling we always have a place to stay. Friends that go out of their way to make room for you. We have housed several friends that have been on the road and it is always an enjoyable visit.
Sam showed up late last night, her friends  didn’t go on stage until 10pm so that meant she did not even get to our home until 12:30ish. We had planned on going to brunch  late in the morning…
I had the BEST breakfast EVER. The Over Easy Cafe is nothing much to look at. It is one of those places that would be very easy to keep walking past if you were to peak in. Eh, lets keep moving would be a likely thought. It is very casual, a dive look to it. Thankfully there was not a terrible wait, 20 minutes. The rain and the threatening storm had a lot to do with that.

Sam had the French Toast with fresh fruit and over medium egg.

I had the Zorba the Greek. An omlette with sundried tomatos, olives, feta and spinich. Kale and a biscuit. I cannot begin to tell you how delicious it was.

I am loving my camera phone. I can take pictures incognito and I don’t feel like a tourist. The photos are not nearly as clear and there is a lot of noise but that is ok.

Sam the Auburn fan, shared with us a card that she has in her wallet. The Auburn University Creed..

I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work.
I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully.
I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men.
I believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid, and in clean sports that develop these qualities.
I believe in obedience to law because it protects the rights of all.
I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all.
I believe in my Country, because it is a land of freedom and because it is my own home, and that I can best serve that country by “doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God.”
And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it.
-George Petrie (1945)

Dessert was in order.
For some reason Asheville has a lot of gourmet chocolate shops. Not complaining one bit but it seems kind of odd. I don’t know if you have ever had Lavender Milk Chocolate but I will be indulging in it again in the near future.

Walking in and out of shops, dodging the rain we met the shop cat guarding the front door.

Mighty ferocious…not. I don’t think she weighed 4 lbs.

Love the name of this concert series…I tease the kids that they ride the short bus. I know, not very politically correct and I shouldn’t tease, don’t lecture me.

Staying Cool, Redneck Style

The weather starting to cool down fast here in Virginia I needed something to remind me of just how hot it was this summer. These pictures were taken on the Rapidan River this summer and it was one of those perfect days. Don’t get me wrong, it was HOT!  I think we were pushing 100 degrees but it did not feel that while we were sitting in the river. Friends of ours have this great piece of property, 5 acres along the river. No electricity, no running water and a port-a-potty brought in for the party.

From Each Day….

Yes, Wendy is doing what you think she is doing. Can’t you see me blush?

From Each Day….

This is us sitting in the river, redneck style. I cannot tell you just how wonderfully comfortable it was.

From Each Day….

This is Becky. The hostess with the mostess? Cheesy, I know. But she is fun stuff!

From Each Day….

Becky is taking her job very seriously. Becky is funny….silly Becky.

From Each Day….

But then she is married to this guy!  I am seeing a boob thing working here.

From Each Day….
From Each Day….

Becky serving my husband a cold barley pop. Bob is a happy man.

From Each Day….

David trying to show off his manly side. ok, maybe not so much.

From Each Day….

The kids were up the river providing them selves with a mud spa….they do tend to make the blue eyes pop.

From Each Day….

They provided full body mud packs. They asked us if we wanted to partake, we graciously declined.

From Each Day….

The entertianment was very enjoyable. I loved watching Joe play with his father.

From Each Day….
From Each Day….

Again, my husband is a happy man….barley pop and a cigar with live music. Doesn’t get much better than that.

From Each Day….

From Each Day….


Don’t you just love it when a project is complete. This project started on Facebook with a “make something homemade for a friend”. The first five people to respond would receive something made by me. No virtual gifts allowed. It could be homemade cookies or something doodled and there was no guarantee that you will like it. I was really excited about this. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on how you look at it only 3 people responded. The fun part for me was to make something for 3 friends from high school that I have not seen in over 20 years. We were friends in school but had no contact since then. It has been a lot of fun chatting, we have all changed a lot. We grew up. We are wives and moms. Priorities have changed. Some are strong Christians, some not so much. Marriages have failed. One is losing a child. I am grateful to have them back in my life even if it is only with small phrases and comments through the week. I hope she likes the scarf I have made for her. It is Alpaca wool and so very soft.