Mid-Century Modern Dresser in Florence with Clear Wax by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (Asheville Furniture Painting)

vintage stock furniture florence chalk paint annie sloan

A fun dresser for a preteen girl,

A little funky and modern. Dog not included. Maybe. Depends on the day.

Love the original hardware. They look like drop earings.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence and waxed with clear wax. Very light distressing.

Maison Blanche Magnolia Paint, Changing Table or Bathroom Vanity (Asheville Furniture Painting)

A pure white dresser that is painted in Maison Blanche’s Magnolia with clear wax.
I do not usually use this color because it is so finicky. It needs to me on the right piece because it is not very forgiving.
I have applied to to other pieces that I have painted and ended up redoing it with a color.  Maybe it is just because I like color on my furniture.
Who knows.
vintage stock furniture pure white chalk paint maison blanche (1)I had considered leaving the drawers in the natural wood because it was a pretty Birdseye maple.vintage stock furniture pure white chalk paint maison blanche (4)
And sure there are people who are shuddering at the fact that I painted it.
But they will get over it.vintage stock furniture pure white chalk paint maison blanche (5)

I do think that it would make a pretty changing table in a nursery.

I wish I had been into painting when I was decorating my nursery for my little ones, it would have been much easier and affordable.

But 17 years ago we were not doing fun stuff like this.  You had the traditional changing table and you would not have dreamed about using old furniture.  That would have been pure crazy.

And I do like the original hardware but if you wanted to glam it up for a little girl it would be easy to do.vintage stock furniture pure white chalk paint maison blanche (3)

When your little one is no longer in diapers and can be used as their dresser.
Who woulda thunk?




Wrought Iron Chalk Paint by Maison Blanche (Asheville Furniture Painter)

Wrought Iron paint by Maison Blanche is really a nice color to work with.
It gives you the dark black color without having to add tint to make it really black.

If you have used other black chalk paints you know what I am referring to.

Annie Sloan’s Graphite is a dark gray, almost black. Which is fine if you want to finish with a dark wax to get the darker color and a little color variation in your finish. I finished a maple cabinet in my kitchen with Graphite and dark wax and you can check it out here.  I really like the finish on this piece but it does require a little more elbow grease.

With the Wrought Iron I am able to use clear wax.

Neither are wrong. Both give a great look.

Because I used a flash in these pictures the light has bounced off the surface giving it an ashy appearance. In person these color variations do not exist.
I was hesitant to use these photos because of the light reflection and it does make it a little unattractive but oh well,  Here they are.