Savannah Waterfront for the Day

 Bob and I are on vacation in Tybee Island, GA for the week which is about 15 minutes from Savannah. 
A week without the kid. Feels kind of strange not having them around. Have to say I am missing them.
Did I just say that out loud? Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

We took the day and went into Savannah to play tourist by taking a carriage ride through the historic sites.

Do you recognize the church steeple above? Can you name the movie?
How about the pub below?

 The trees in the area are so prehistoric looking.
 Living Oaks.
What is kind of creepy about it also is that so much of Savannah is built on top on cemeteries.
Eeewww, I know.
I guess the reason is that the mass graves for from the plague and they were concerned about unearthing the disease.
That would explain the ghost tours they give at 11pm.
I will pass, thanks.

The waterfront was very cool.
Very cool is that they allow you to stroll with travelers. They have to be in a plastic cup, but who cares.
 Wet Willies gives you frozen libation in a plastic cup.
20oz plastic cups, thank you very much.
Martha also enjoyed the attention she was receiving but just could not understand as to why we would not let her jump in the river…silly dog.

Probably because there were HUGE ships going through?

Any hoo, we had a great day.
Martha was exhausted and so were we.

I am curious to see who gets the trivia question.
No cheating!

Oak Island Family Vacation

For our family vacation this year we rented a house on Oak Island, North Carolina. It had been too many years since we had done that and it was way past due.  In fact I don’t think Carter was ever on one of those and he is nine.

 My husband grew up on the ocean and I grew up on Lake Superior. Being near the water is very comforting for the both of us.

 Sitting on the beach in the late afternoon reading has always seemed like the best time of day. Digging your toes in the sand.
Nothing like it.

 But of course I would have been reading something not so heavy as Les Miserables.
It would have been some trashy beach novel.
But if you have put off your summer reading assigments you get to read Les Mis at the beach.
I guess it makes it a little easier to read.

Sometimes you need your brothers help.

Sophia was in major goofball form. We were in the backyard of my in-laws and they have these great trees. The kids have climbed, swung in swings, sat under and enjoyed them since they have been very little.

She would put a chair up to the base of the tree and climb on up.

Of course she is older and taller now so there is no giving advise.

She can do in without help.

Just need to get a foothold.

I can do it she says.

Just give me a sec she says.

Finally she accepted Sam’s help.
One little boost and a hoist.

Not that she will scratch her legs all up.

And then we left her there.

And laughed.

Laughed so hard the tears came.

She NEEDED our help.

Her brother was sympathetic, kind of.

Not sure if he is pushing or pulling?

My legs would be all tore up.

She made it.

Not that she is determined or anything.

See, I did it! Ok, with some help.

I have a picture of her here when she was 8. That was yesterday you know.

Carefull Sam, it ma be a trick.

Sometimes they act like they actually like each other.

and get along.

A fleeting moment in time.

Sam my quiet one, Sophia the one to be the center of attention.

This could be a little flip book.

Duck lips?

hang loose!

and she’s gone.

Went back to the beach…

The kids and I made the trek to the beach this week to visit the grandparents. It had been a while since we had visited and the kids were excited to get to the ocean front. Took a bunch of pictures that I am looking forward to sharing with you. Here are a few from the pool on the first day ….

It is about a 6 1/2 hour drive so we left early so we could hopefully have one nice day in the water. There was rain in the forecast for the rest of the week.

It was not overly warm but the kids didn’t mind.

Sophia played in the pool for a while then abandoned us to go lay on the beach by herself.

The boys being extremely loud and all were “too much”. I actually thought about joining here but someone had to watch them so they wouldn’t drown each other.

I love taking pictures at the pool, the colors always POP.

Going BACK to the beach!

I am desperately trying to maintain my composure and remain calm but I am failing miserably. Complications that arise from a relocation can be incredibly frustrating.

In the past week I have had 2 home inspections. One on the house in the C’peper and one in Asheville…they went well.  Septic, radon, and pest inspections all went well.
Two home appraisals that fall victim to relocation requirements….Key words…relocation requirements…GRRRR! This is hard to swallow because we will lose money on improvements we have done to the house…new floors, new bathrooms, new appliances…the list is long and expensive. Along with the drop in market values this is painful to the pocketbook.
Breath in, Breath out. This too shall pass. I think I will take a nap and try to block it all out and pretend that I am back at the beach. Pretend that I am 13 years old again.

From Each Day….

Just Beachy.

Today was a much needed beach day.
We ended up going to the beach down at the strip but there were so many people it was almost gross. Way too many people not wearing nearly enough clothing. Normally we go to the North End where it is quiet, the place where the locals go. That is where I like to go.

We met up with friends from home and the kids had a blast. Valerie and I spent our time counting kids and making sure they didn’t stray to far.

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

This is a boy on a mission.

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

There was a family sitting next to us with 2 year old twin girls. So flippin cute! Heather, the mother didn’t have her camera down at the beach so I told her I would take some pictures for her. Littles girls are so much fun to photograph. Not like stinky little boys. I can say that ’cause I have two stinky little boys. Girls always have all the stuff. Hats, skirts, bows, purses…all the accessories that go along with being a little girl. (Heather I tried to email these to you but for some goofy reason I cannot get my email to send while at my in-laws. I have about 20 more but thought I would show you a few)

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

Until tomorrow!

Lake Superior, bonfire’s and kids.

One of the great things about growing up in Knife River was having bonfires on beach. Growing up on the water was the best. Of course these are things that you take for granted and don’t realize until you grow up, move away and can’t do it anymore.

From Each Day….

Bonfires are something that bring me back to being a teenager again. Hanging out at the beach….
the one thing we did not do on a regular basis is swim. Lake Superior is COLD.  Limb numbing, painfully cold. We would jump in on a dare. Wade up to our ankles briefly to pick rocks to skip across the water.

From Each Day….

From Each Day….
From Each Day….
From Each Day….
From Each Day….
From Each Day….

From Each Day….

From Each Day….
From Each Day….
From Each Day….

Sam thought he was being really daring by dipping the top of his head in the water.

From Each Day….

I told them that I would give them each a dollar if they went in completely. Full body submersion.  Sam has the complete look of doubt. Really? You will give us a dollar? 

From Each Day….

Sam and Carter were reluctant. Sophia was like “sure, why not” and took full advantage of calling her brothers chicken. Imagine an older sister taunting her brothers.

From Each Day….

Carter could have cared less about Sophia calling him chicken, he bargained for two dollars so Gramma Polly upped the ante. Two bucks it is.

From Each Day….

Wait. He had to think about again… about ten? Well ya can’t  blame the kid for trying.

From Each Day….

Two dollars and I can go to the candy store and buy candy right? Sure kid, knock yourself out.

From Each Day….

I told them to do the Nestea Plunge. Remember that commercial? They didn’t know what I was talking about so I had to explain. Carter wasn’t falling for it but when I told him he wouldn’t get two dollars….

From Each Day….

He did it.

From Each Day….

and he ran out REALLY fast.

From Each Day….

This is how cold Lake Superior is, painfully cold.

From Each Day….

Not sure why she is smiling, she is a little crazy.

From Each Day….

Hehehehehe, I have two dollars and get to eat CANDY!

From Each Day….

My kids are so used to getting their photos taken they will stop mid sentence,

From Each Day….

turn and pose and then go on with what they were doing. They are pros.

From Each Day….

She tried to throw her brother in but he was able to wiggle out of her grasp. (love this pic)

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

Love the beach.  Gotta love the beach.