Hiking the Parkway

The weather here in Asheville has been beautiful and since I have been rather sedentary the last week I convinced the men in my life to go hiking on the Mountain to Sea trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

PHEW, long sentence.

We had originally wanted to hike the Rattle Snake Lodge trail but the parkway was closed at the higher elevations, I am guessing because of snow. We changed plans and made the hike from the information center to the craft center, 5.4 mile round trip.

Martha had her first ride in the back of the pick up truck….don’t think she really knew exactly what to think of it but she was happy to be going with us.

Spirits are up,look at the smiles.
When I was growing up we lived close to the tracks. We would walk them all the time to see how far we could go without falling.

Looking so sweet and innocent…

I have so many pictures of this child peering over a bridge.

Bob trying to determine just how much farther we need to go. It always seems to take forever when you are going some where you have never been before.

We made it to the craft center, now to hike back.

Carter thinking he is so cool. This is part of the path that goes under the parkway.

We gave Carter the GPS so he could track just how far we had gone. As you can see his is really excited about this. To try and keep the spirits “up” we bribed them with ice cream when we got home.

Someones clothes left in a make shift camp along the way. We are assuming someone homeless made their home there.

Another make shift camp. At this camp we found a camera aimed at it. Carter found a empty bag of corn chips.

This is the part of the camera.

And the little pen lens…

We thought it was funny to find this in the trail. We came up with all kinds of answers. Watching the trail for vandalism, homeless people, geocaching, someones personal website…We were all wrong. I asked the park ranger when we got to the information center. It was to keep track of bears. Guess that is a good thing to know if you have bears on the trail and people walking it.