Meeting Santa for the first time

I had a photo shoot last week to do a company Christmas Party. I love these kind of jobs because it is all candid photos  and little kids. Well there are a few adults but for the most part kids and the Big Guy!

Some kids want nothing to do with him.
Some will sit on this stool, right here.
Close enough thank you very much.

Happy to be in mom’s arms because that guy is pretty scary to a three year old.

But then something really sweet happens.

Isabelle meets Ivy and starts to tell her all about the BIG GUY.

Ivy is skeptical but listens.

Isabelle is an old pro now.
She has experience with the BIG GUY.

I will take you to him.
It will be OK.

He is right over there, I will show you.

We are going to go meet Santa Claus.
Ivy is a little nervous but I will take care of her. Promise.

It’s a long walk without mom but Isabelle is going to take care of her.

Stinky boys are blocking the way but they patiently wait.
You cannot rush these things you know.

Isabelle waits for Santa to be done with the stinky boys and tell him about her friend Ivy.

Well Santa is so excited to meet Ivy.
He gently tries to encourage her to come closer so that she can tell him what she would like for Christmas.

Ivy is nervous so Isabelle takes her hand and encourages her.

Telling her it is okay.
Just sit on the stool.

Or you can sit on his lap.

Santa senses her reluctance, but is patient.
We can talk right here.

Isabelle bravely climbs up onto Santa’s lap.
This gives Ivy the encouragement she needs.

It is all good.
Everything is OK.
My friend showed me the way.

They chat.
They talk about Christmas.
About whether she has been a good girl this year, which there is no doubt.

She tells him about her brother,
but that will obviously have to wait until next year.

Because she will be experienced in these this area and will show him the way.

Smartrac Christmas photos on smugmug  here is the link

English Family {Asheville Family Photographer}

A quick peek at a photo shoot I did this afternoon.

JUST warm enough to take the pictures outside.

Just cool enough to want to hurry up and put our jackets back on.

A new little boy with two big sisters.

With BIG blue eyes.

and sassy little flair.

Honestly, so adorable in your sparkly high tops and leopard patterned top!
 The link to view the rest of the photos below…

Sophia and Mia, ACRHS Homecoming 2012

 Homecoming at A.C. Reynolds High School was this weekend.
Hard to believe that the little girl in the photo below is grown up enough to be my daughter above.

The saying that time really flies, is true.
Although there are times when is seems to go backwards, that we will never get beyond what is happening at that moment

My daughter who is strong enough pin the boy above is the beautiful young lady in a dress and heals with make-up and jewels.

The little girl with the black eye from the neighborhood boy (HE is a TWIT) is the stunning young lady below.

Hopefully not taking themselves too seriously and having a good time.
Good friends.

You both looked beautiful, I hope you had a good time.

Oak Island Family Vacation

For our family vacation this year we rented a house on Oak Island, North Carolina. It had been too many years since we had done that and it was way past due.  In fact I don’t think Carter was ever on one of those and he is nine.

 My husband grew up on the ocean and I grew up on Lake Superior. Being near the water is very comforting for the both of us.

 Sitting on the beach in the late afternoon reading has always seemed like the best time of day. Digging your toes in the sand.
Nothing like it.

 But of course I would have been reading something not so heavy as Les Miserables.
It would have been some trashy beach novel.
But if you have put off your summer reading assigments you get to read Les Mis at the beach.
I guess it makes it a little easier to read.