Another Goodwill Gem…Emperor’s Silk, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

 I found this wonderful desk at the Will… I know, amazing that someone got rid of it.
I snatched this thing up so quick knocking people over in the process.
A little bit of an exaggeration.
She was in rough shape, basically falling apart
But you have to admit she has some sexy legs!  And  potential! Oozing potential.

I really wanted to keep her. But then there are so many pieces that I want to keep but I just cannot.
I try to justify keeping them but there is simply just no room.

 Should have taken a before picture, thought I did. Apparently not.
Lucky I have these iphone pics…that is why they are grainy.

 She has found a new home, destined to for a new bathroom to hold a vessel sink.

Until the next time.
Thanks for visiting.

Little Step Stool vs Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence

 My Goodwill find from Sunday.
Don’t you just love it when you find something that you absolutely had to have. You have needed it your entire life and never even realized it.
OK, bit of an exaggeration but for $3.50?
Yes I had to get it.

 He is a solid stool in really good condition,
I had Sam remove the rubber pads because they were ugly and make it difficult to paint.
Wiped him down with a damp rag.
No sanding.
No priming.
Applied 2 coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence.
Love this color, it is just fun.
But then there are not many of ASCP colors that I don’t like.
In fact, haven’t met a color I don’t like yet. They all have their place.

 Covered him in two coats of paint and let it dry.
That is another thing about this paint, it dries fast. I don’t have to wait 24hours blah blah blah….
I am impatient, I hate waiting for paint to dry. I want to get on with it. Keep the process going so I can get to the end result.
So he dried and then I used a fine grit sand paper over him.
I did use a heavier hand on the edges because he use to be gold and I wanted the gold accent to come through.

 I used dark wax all over.
I like how the dark wax gives him such an aged look, like he has been around a long time.

 Some people thing it makes it look dirty and I will admit these photos make it look harsher that it really is.
But I do love the gold edges peaking through.

 He is just tall enough to help Carter put the dishes away.
Carter had been using a very tall stool and I had visions of him falling into the dishwasher while reaching above it to put dishes away.
Makes me a nervous wreck watching him.
And we don’t want him to stop emptying the dishwasher.


 Kind of amazing how the dark wax changes the color of Florence.
Gives it an aged patina like old copper.

 I did a mirror the other day in Florence and used clear wax, I will need to post pictures of it soon so you can see the huge difference in the types of wax.

Hope you like it.
I think its kinda cool.