Asheville Symphony

Well this week I have sat down every day to write a post and ended up scrapping every one of them.
It just was not happening. 
I really needed to get something down for the simple fact I was tired of looking at the face of me screaming. 
Pretty scary I know.
I have actually had a lot to blog about, just no pictures. And I have to have pictures.
One of the things I did do this weekend was go to the Asheville Symphony and listen to them practice on Saturday morning. Carter has been wanting to start taking violin lessons and my brother-in-law, Ted Smith plays the viola with the Asheville Symphony so he invited us to come and  listen to their practice session. It was a very relaxing way to enjoy some time with my youngest son, see my BIL for a few brief minutes and have my morning coffee.
I will not even attempt to give a review or even pretend that I am up on the lingo to describe the performance. 
This is what I do know…..
Jeanette Aufiero can play the flippin piano. Oh. My. Goodness. It was mesmerizing to watch her perform Liszt  Piano Concerto No. 1


I was not able to take my camera into the practice session and it about drove me crazy. There was so much I wanted to shoot. (That explains the pics of the cat and dog at the beginning of the post.)

 Thank you Ted for inviting us to listen. It was a great way to expose Carter to the symphony with a much more relaxed atmosphere than a formal concert. He really wanted to see you play but I told him he could not move around in the seats. I am looking forward to hearing you play again soon. Hopefully we will have our unplanned home reconstruction completed before your next visit to Asheville and you will have a place to stay if you choose.

When we left the auditorium it was snowing its butt off and blowing sideways. And cold. Very cold. We have become spoiled with this mild winter we have had so far but dang, I have been freezing for 6 days. I know, pity party right?

Well tomorrow we go to the Orthopedic and the Allergist…Sam has a busy day.

I am getting ready to post this and Glen Campbell is singing on the Grammy Awards. I found this very moving. I watched a spot about Glen on CBS Sunday Morning and his Alzheimer. Rhinestone Cowboy brings back memories of playing 45’s on my crappy little record player. My step-father would bring home records from the Jukebox. Rhinestone Cowboy and Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree I remember very clearly.

3 thoughts on “Asheville Symphony”

  1. I watch "Sunday Morning" every week. It's a good show. It's sad about Glen Campbell but he still sounds amazing to me.
    How cool to get to see the Symphony practice session. I love classical piano the best. If I could afford it, I'd buy the piano at the second hand shop by our house. I've always wanted to learn.
    How nice that you can expose your son to that experience. What a great way to enjoy your coffee!
    Love Di ♥

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