Asheville Drum Circle with Friends

My childhood friend Shawn and his wife Georgine came to visit two weekends ago. They were in Charlotte for the weekend and made the drive to Asheville to see me. (at least that is what I am telling myself)
Shawn and I grew up as next door neighbors from the age of 6 until we graduated from high school.
Well he graduated a year ahead of me. He’s OLDER than me. Much older than I am.
We grew up in a community of about 300 people, if that many. It was the rockin town of Knife River, MN.
We did Luther League together and went on retreats to Camp Vermillion in the Nisswandt’s decrepit VW bug. Confirmation together with Pastor Reppe. Had bonfires on the beach of Lake Superior. Played spin the bottle behind the church. Played kickball at the Rec Center. Played cartoon tag in my cousins back yard. Swam in the river at the Chup pond. Basically ran amok and had a blast doing it.
But we had not seen each other in 26 years.
When you don’t see someone for a long time like that you wonder “How is this going to go?”
It was so wonderful to see him again and to finally meet his wife and hear about his FIVE kids, four of which are girls!
For them to make the effort to come to Asheville meant a lot to me.

While they were here we went to see the Asheville Drum Circle. Every Friday during the warmer months they meet in a park in the downtown. Anyone is welcome to join in.
It’s eclectic.
It’s a little bazaar.
It’s wonderful for people watching.
Very relaxed and a great way to get a feel for the Asheville vibe.

If you make it to Asheville for a visit it is worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Asheville Drum Circle with Friends”

  1. MUCH older indeed! Krista, you pointed out some very fun times of our child hood that I had forgotten about. It really puts things into perspective regarding happy memories growing up, especially in a tight nit community. Very special. I can't say that we would have made the drive to Asheville had you and your family not lived there. I love connecting with old friends, I truly do. I think Georgine (I too) could have spent another day at your place. She and I really enjoyed your company. Thank you so much for showing us around. These pictures are unbelievable! Your very good at what you do. OH..I thought you were going to photo shop some hair on my head?

  2. Those percussion instruments were just beautiful. What a great time Krista. Your photos were wonderful and that last one, so, so beautiful! Love Di ♥

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