Another Goodwill Gem…Emperor’s Silk, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

 I found this wonderful desk at the Will… I know, amazing that someone got rid of it.
I snatched this thing up so quick knocking people over in the process.
A little bit of an exaggeration.
She was in rough shape, basically falling apart
But you have to admit she has some sexy legs!  And  potential! Oozing potential.

I really wanted to keep her. But then there are so many pieces that I want to keep but I just cannot.
I try to justify keeping them but there is simply just no room.

 Should have taken a before picture, thought I did. Apparently not.
Lucky I have these iphone pics…that is why they are grainy.

 She has found a new home, destined to for a new bathroom to hold a vessel sink.

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3 thoughts on “Another Goodwill Gem…Emperor’s Silk, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint”

  1. You must have the "Good" Goodwill where you live! Ours rarely has furniture and I never go there because their prices are way too high!
    However we do have MORE than a few good thrift shops that carry furniture and all sorts of good things at a reasonable price!
    I love your idea for that table Krista. Are you going to use it in your house? Either way it looks very nice! Love Di ♥

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