An Afternoon in Chimney Rock

A couple weekend ago Bob, Carter and I went to Chimney Rock on the bikes. It was such a beautiful day so of course this tiny little town was hopping. Bikes everywhere. The road from our house to Chimney rock is a twisty thing so it attracts a lot of bikes. We had a nice  lunch at Medina’s and then went across the street to get ice cream. Unfortunately they did not accept CC and we had no cash. No Cash = No ice cream.

So instead of ice cream we went down to the river and hopped rocks for a little while.

Carter is trying to decide if he can make the jump.

The body language is so similar between these two.

Hand in pockets.

Like father, like son. He also does the same thing with his mouth that his dad does when he is thinking.

Carter didn’t do too bad taking the picture. Can you see the fear in my face worrying that he would drop it in the river.

This is a sign that was on one of the stores. Someone REALLY need to explain to them just how wrong this is. Or maybe that was their plan. 

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