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Hi! My name is Krista Mosby and I am the owner of Vintage Stock Furniture.

I have been painting and refinishing furniture for over 5 years under the name Need A Latte Mom and I have finally opened my own store. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time and it has finally happened.

For five years I sold my furniture on line via Craigslist, Facebook and word of mouth. I was successful with these venues but there are many people who will not buy furniture by going to their home.  I also was not able to sell paint or offer classes from my home so the next logical step was to open a store front. I did not want just any store in a strip mall. I wanted a small house with character that represented the furniture I painted.

By opening the store I am now able to offer painting classes and sell paint. So, if you have wanted to try painting a piece of furniture but did not know where to start, come see me and I can get you started. It’s fun and it is easy to do!

Do you have a piece furniture that you need painted and want someone else to do it for you, I can do that too!

I offer painted pieces of furniture ready to go home with you along with  unpainted peices of furniture that you can select your paint color.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will stop in and visit, I would love to meet you.



Vintage Stock Furniture

1148 Charlotte Highway

Fairview, NC 28730