A teenager is in our midst…

Thirteen years.
MY eldest has become a teenager.
From Mar 13, 2011
I keep waiting for “like” something “like” really weird to happen.
I mean, gosh!
From Mar 13, 2011
She did “like” grow 6 inches in the last month, and has legs up to HERE!
The phone is busy, like, all the time.
She did ask me if I needed her help today with cleaning, and then went and cleaned her bathroom. I still have not completely recovered.
There is a white cord permanently attached to her ear and does tend to ignore me when asked to empty the dishwasher or clean the cat box….hmmmm.
The eyes do tend to “roll” around in her head.
Wal-Mart and Target are no longer acceptable.
Products are taking over her bedroom.
I guess if this is the worst of it, I will take it.
Anyway, she is dealing with a pro, I was thirteen once.

3 thoughts on “A teenager is in our midst…”

  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful teen Krista! An interesting and very challenging time. I found a big change between 13 and 16. A huge maturity jump, I'm sure you will too!
    Love the photos! Love Di ♥

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