A Goat for Fifty Bucks!

 Juan, our yard man showed up yesterday to finish the job of laying sod.

He had started regrading the back yard about 2 weeks ago and was just getting back to us to finish the sod.  The “Boss Man” tried to get by with seed and straw even after I told him no seed and straw, but that is a whole different story.

So Juan and Juan, yes two Juans were in the back yard attempting to finish up and they ran out of sod.  I told them they were not going to have enough with the first pallet but again, that is another story.

So Juan says, “Kreesta I rooon out of sod.  I go buy aneether  load, but I no theeenk we neeed a whooole pallet.” 

Yes Juan you need another pallet, just buy a whole pallet. I will give your another check (the 3rd check) go buy the sod. 

Juan was gone a while and I thought dang it, we are not getting this job finished today.

Juan, God Love Him, is the one who almost burned down my house. 

Juan also cut my cable, phone and internet line.

Juan bumped into the hot water heater and we had no hot water.

Juan is a hard worker and I really like to give him a hard time. 

A while later I hear him out back and so I went to see how it was going and this conversation occur ed.

Krista:    Hey Juan how is it going?

Juan 1:   Gooood Kreeestaaa,  You seee my gooooaaat?

Krista:   What? Juan? You not have enough sooood?

Juan 1:   Noooo, Kreeeesta, my gooooooot,  eeeets in the baaaack of mmeee traaayler.

Krista:   Juan, what are you talking about? Slow down, I flunked Spanish remember?

Juan 2:    el chivo Dama Loca   (A goat you crazy lady)

Krista:    Goat? where?

Juan 1:   Baaaaack of the traaayyler.

So I walk to the driveway and imagine my surprise, there is a GOAT it the back of his trailer hot tied and looking at me like  “WTH!”

I walk back behind the house and look at Juan like he has lost his mind.

Krista:   Juan! What are you going to do with a goat and you cannot leave him tied up in that trailer that way.

Juan 1:  I bought heeemmm for feeeefty bucks.  I see theeeese goooat tied ooop and I say to the maaan. ” I geeeve you feeefty bucks for the gooooat.”    The man saaaays me crazy, that gooooat is worth at leaaast one hundreeed and fifty doooolllars.   Juan says’  I have feeeftly bucks, I give you feeeeftly bucks,  that gooooat neeed a girlfriend and I have a girlfriend for him, she make heeeem haappy!

Juan got a goat for fifty bucks and he brought that damn goat to my house.

Meet the goat.

4 thoughts on “A Goat for Fifty Bucks!”

  1. Well no one can say your life is boring, LOL!! The cat is hysterically funny. The look on it's face, priceless! Sounds like you need to keep an eye on Juan, who knows what will happen next! Love Di ♥

  2. omg! laughing hysterically. i had forgotten that we talked about this last week. damn! and here I was thinking you actually bought a goat. you are a good woman for letting him tie that poor creature up in your year. Heck, he could have eaten all that new sod you've been waiting on. Too funny!

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