A beautiful sight

The most amazing things happened this weekend.
Being “laid up” and not being able to lift anything over 10lbs can be a little frustrating. I decided to use it to my advantage and take pictures instead of working in the yard. I shoot with a Nikon D50 and this lens is a 105mm macro, it is just an amazing lens with great bokeh. Isn’t that a fun word? Bokeh! I was just wandering aimlessly around the yard looking for things to photograph. Tulips, Grape Hyacinth, Pansies, Daffodils and Dogwoods are all over making things very “springy”.
I am a people photographer and prefer to photograph expressions and feelings. I tend to get bored photographing objects but I was crawling around on the ground trying to look at things at different angle with different lighting.

The next two pictures are the exact same flowers except the first one is taken into the sun with the aperture open wide. Look at how the sun makes the Tulips become transparent.
The second photo was taken with the sun still to my face but the aperture closed way down. Pretty cool huh? Amazing what you can do with light.
But on to the the AMAZING thing that happened. Now to everyone else this may seem so be no big deal but to me it is HUGE!

My daughter learned to mow the grass!!
Life is so glorious!
I am soo greatful.

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  1. This is so exciting! How old is your daughter? Mines 14 and I’ve been thinking about showing her how to mow.I’m just not sure if it’s safe enough for her to do yet.

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