Brothers and Sisters and Grandparents and Mom

I have been busy with summer and kids which means not posting that much. Even though I have a bunch of pictures that I have taken, furniture that needs to be blogged about I have not sat down long enough to write a post.

I still have a bunch of pictures from our visit to the Grandparents home and the kids being a bunch of knuckleheads, and well you know they just have to be shared.

Trying to get a group shot of them is almost next to impossible .

One, maybe two people are in place and someone does this…

Or pokes another and acts all innocent.

Or looks the wrong way.

We always take pics in the front of the house…This time we thought we would “mix it up” a bit, live on the edge and go for the back of the house.

‘Cus that is how we roll, crazy like that.

At this point I just gave up, you get what you get and you like it.

Carter does not like it when they wrestle, makes him very nervous. Plus I think he got plunked in this one.

Worse thing for Sam is when Sophia started wrestling. She has a few more lb’s on him

Where you going Sam?

He looks like he is about to nail her but she doesn’t look too worried. I think he landed on his butt.

Either that or trying to kick her foot.

Sam is pretty easy and VERY ticklish.

Dropped him to his knees in seconds.

Of course Carter is wanting to get into the action.

My littlest one and growing fast.

Why do they have to go and do that. Get big.

But he will always be my baby.

When he is towering over me and 20 years old.

And I am hugging and loving on him, giving him smooches.

And embarrassing him in front of his friends

by saying real loud “I LOVE YOU CARTER MOSBY”

Grandma Mary saves the wrapping paper centers, I don’t care how old they are they still love playing with them.

They beat each other with minimal damage.

They have figured out that they can reinforce them, that is not good.

Not quite sure WHAT she is doing. She is fourteen, I don’t think she knows what she is doing.

Ya, Carter that is not going to work.

Your not quite tall enough. Yet.

but you are going to make it easy for me

to take your sword and beat you with it!

You keep forgetting that I have Mommy Powers.

When the heck did she get taller that me?

Almost a good picture.

Poor Sam.

Sophia just wait. He WILL become bigger than you.

And that time is coming FAST.

I think I will save this one for when they are “hating” each other and remind them that they do actually love each other.

Sisterly love.

Mortified that his sister is kissing him,

Sometimes you need your brothers help.

Sophia was in major goofball form. We were in the backyard of my in-laws and they have these great trees. The kids have climbed, swung in swings, sat under and enjoyed them since they have been very little.

She would put a chair up to the base of the tree and climb on up.

Of course she is older and taller now so there is no giving advise.

She can do in without help.

Just need to get a foothold.

I can do it she says.

Just give me a sec she says.

Finally she accepted Sam’s help.
One little boost and a hoist.

Not that she will scratch her legs all up.

And then we left her there.

And laughed.

Laughed so hard the tears came.

She NEEDED our help.

Her brother was sympathetic, kind of.

Not sure if he is pushing or pulling?

My legs would be all tore up.

She made it.

Not that she is determined or anything.

See, I did it! Ok, with some help.

I have a picture of her here when she was 8. That was yesterday you know.

Carefull Sam, it ma be a trick.

Sometimes they act like they actually like each other.

and get along.

A fleeting moment in time.

Sam my quiet one, Sophia the one to be the center of attention.

This could be a little flip book.

Duck lips?

hang loose!

and she’s gone.

Went back to the beach…

The kids and I made the trek to the beach this week to visit the grandparents. It had been a while since we had visited and the kids were excited to get to the ocean front. Took a bunch of pictures that I am looking forward to sharing with you. Here are a few from the pool on the first day ….

It is about a 6 1/2 hour drive so we left early so we could hopefully have one nice day in the water. There was rain in the forecast for the rest of the week.

It was not overly warm but the kids didn’t mind.

Sophia played in the pool for a while then abandoned us to go lay on the beach by herself.

The boys being extremely loud and all were “too much”. I actually thought about joining here but someone had to watch them so they wouldn’t drown each other.

I love taking pictures at the pool, the colors always POP.

My new front porch

I have not disappeared, though it may seems that is what has happened. With all of the end of year stuff going on and my getting use to the kids being home all day it has thrown my routine.

I have painted a few things..desk, end table, two chairs occasional table and I should get my but in gear and post about them but have had the big aversion to sitting at my desk. My sciatic has not allowed me to sit for too long, or stand or walk…

So these chairs were a from Bobby for my birthday a few years ago. Because they have been outside with no protection they were looking kind of rough.

They were now going to sit on my front porch  and I wanted some “POP” of color and I wanted it to tie in well with the rock.  After I used the hose and a scrub brush to clean them up I sat them in the sun for 2 days to make sure they were really dry. They took an amazing amount of paint, 3/4 of a can. This is the most paint I have used on any project yet. Cannot forget the  5 1/2 hours of  it took to do the work…..Quite frankly it was a bitch!

I had the chairs on the front porch and it just wasn’t doing it for me.  I know you are going to be very surprised at this but I found it at the Goodwill. Shocked I know.  It received a coat of Emperors Silk.

 I like how it turned out. Gives it a great pop of color on the porch. I have two beautiful hanging pots above and this afternoon when I went out to water them I received a little surprise. A bird nest with an egg. Dang.

A great spot to watch the sunset on the Blue Ridge and have a few porch beers.

The chairs are painted with Arles and I used no wax or lacquer. The table is painted with Emperor’s Silk and has a coat of clear wax. This table is being used outside but will not get wet where it sits. Annie Sloan suggests not using wax or lacquer on items that are outside in the elements because they can blister. I will let you know how it does.

Shucking Corn, Clean Ears Everytime

So I have been a slacker lately as far as posting.

Boo Hiss…I know. Things have been happening but I have just not had the time to sit and type. The big part is the sit portion. My sciatic is DRIVING ME CRAZY AND IT HURTS LIKE HELL to sit for any length of  time. Generally making things pretty difficult.

Anyhoo, my dear Mother-in-Law sent me this video and I gotta say I cannot wait to try it.

Check it out, Ken is a pretty smart guy.