Erwin High School Prom { Asheville Photographer }

Prom time.
The time of year when you see your children dressed to the nines and you realize that they are not little any more.

Every school does prom different. Erwin High School had theirs at a separate venue called The Crest.  I am sure it was fancy schmancy and tons of fun. With all the fancy shoes kicked to side the minute they all got there so they can dance all night!

My prom was held at our high school (25 years ago, ACK!) Everyone met in the auditorium for the Grand March. This is where each couple walked out on stage and everyone was able to take pictures and see all the couples.
We then went out to dinner and then came back to the high school for the dance.

Now Everyone goes to the dance with or without a date.
I think that is great, everyone gets to go.

I took the pictures of SuperMom’s daughter and her best friend. The link to her blog is there.
They were great, easy going and READY to go have a great time.
When I got to Supermom’s home the girls and I went out to do pictures, I banned the other adults from coming out with us, I knew the girls would be more relaxed without a million eyes on them.

To be 18 years old again.
Wow, that seems like a long time ago and only just yesterday.
How is that?

Thank you girls for allowing me to be a part of something you will hopefully always remember.

My life is in the comics.

I am seriously beginning to think there is a camera hidden in my home. I mean really! Daily my life is showing up in the newspaper. They are making a fortune off of my life.

There are times where I would do a little “experiment” to see just how long they can walk around a their dirty clothes basket. It would be empty, all they have to do is put it in their room.

I do this to Carter all the time, and Sam for that matter.
Cracks me up ’cause you would think they would have figured it out by now.

This is me with pound cake. Love pound cake. The best part is when it just comes out of the oven and the buttery crusty sugary part on top. I will pick at it and then flip it over onto a cake stand. No one else is the wiser.

Absolutely, without a doubt, ME!

I don’t know what they are talking about.

Goodwill Mirror and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre

Annie Sloan and the Goodwill strike again.

I bought this mirror from the Will several months ago but just wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it.

I do that. Buy something and  stare at it for far too long trying to make a decision on what to do with it.

Anyway this is a fairly old mirror, early 40’s  was stamped on the back and it was in great shape. I just did not like the finish. Brown. Boring brown did nothing for it.

When refinishing/painting an item with ASCP there are a couple of things that I have learned. You must wash down and dry and get as much of the furniture polish off. If you don’t it can bleed through the paint. You will notice it more with the light colors. It is really noticeable with the Old Ochre.

The second lesson I have learned is don’t put AS Lacquer over the  wax. It will peel off. I have learned that the hard way. I do know those that have done it and it worked great for them but let me tell you when it doesn’t it makes a mess!

Another trick I have learned when painting mirrors is this. You must take the mirror out so that you can paint the inside rim. If you do not the mirror will reflect the unpainted edge and it looks pretty tacky.

I thought I had a before picture of this mirror but apparently I missed taking a picture.

It recieved 2 coats  and then I used a heavy hand with the sanding.

Then lightly applied a coat of AS Lacquer to seal the paint. I like how it deepens the color.

I would love to hear what tricks you have learned using this chalk paint.

Ozzy Met the Boogy Man

 Ozzy is tired.
Ozzy had a rough night.
Why don’t cats sleep during the night instead of all day?

Ozzy encountered something much bigger than him.
Something with really big teeth and a mean bite.

 After a trip to the vet where he received a Rabies shot and another of antibiotics he was sent home to recuperate.

 Nothing looked broken just a couple of big holes in his paw and bruised pride.

 He came home and curled up on Martha’s bed.

 All day he slept.

 He really was pitiful. I felt really sorry for him.
I know he was hurting because he didn’t really want to eat.

 He would have shared the bed with Martha, he does like to cuddle with her.

 Martha would rather sleep outside.

 And she was being a little sympathetic to the Oz Man.

Laila Rose Festival 2012

The Laila Rose Festival was once again a huge hit. They had record number in attendance, well over 400 people came out to support such an awesome cause.

Our family had not been back to Culpeper since October and it was so much fun to see everyone and catch up.

Jill gave the bull a good effort.
 Hard to do when your wearing a skirt and the operator is running and a sloooooow pace that your destined to fall off.

Courtesy clap.

oh oh oh, so close.

Carter sporting  a Liala tattoo.

Hey, what’s in those red solo cups?

Mike thinking he can consolidate his trips to the beer tent..

And his wife is triple dippin…

Not REALLY sure what I am doing here and why I have my mouth gaping open but I am sure there is a good reason.

This is Ozzy’s first mother. 

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble.

Jamie! Man I miss seeing you and LAUGHING my butt off. Girl you crack me up!

Yancee the”ranch hand” and family…I know there was a rather large cold beer in his future after this day.

The rides were rather short because no one seemed to be able to hang on.

Not that a good effort wasn’t put forth.

I had to give it a whirl...

And I am very glad there was a soft landing.

Dr. Engh going for a swim!

Jax man is just growing way to fast.

After 5 hours of playing these boys were dirty, smelly and very tired. Thankfully we had the truck and they could ride in the back.

See my latest Goodwill find…$7.99. I am so excited about this and looking for fabrics to recover it.

Happy Birthday to My Sister In Law Susan!

Happy Birthday Dear Susan!

Susan Enters this world on May 10th 1964
Then in 1967
Now in 2012
Then in 1966
Now in 2012
Susan on her little red bike
Susan now getting ready to try on her red hair!
Susan in 1979 with brother Bobby and sister Amy
Susan Now
Susan in 1988 in red with her family
Susan now still with that great smile.

Susan in 1967
Susan now with her sassy smile and brown hair

Susan with Uncle Buddy in 1967
Susan trying out the blond diva look

Susan in 1967 giving you those “eyes”
….and the eyes

Susan with the Birthday Bunny
And Susan with Chad
Susan with the Christmas tree…

Susan now

Susan at the ocean front
Susan by the water near her home.

The cowboy hat in 1965
Now we know where it all comes from!

A Goat for Fifty Bucks!

 Juan, our yard man showed up yesterday to finish the job of laying sod.

He had started regrading the back yard about 2 weeks ago and was just getting back to us to finish the sod.  The “Boss Man” tried to get by with seed and straw even after I told him no seed and straw, but that is a whole different story.

So Juan and Juan, yes two Juans were in the back yard attempting to finish up and they ran out of sod.  I told them they were not going to have enough with the first pallet but again, that is another story.

So Juan says, “Kreesta I rooon out of sod.  I go buy aneether  load, but I no theeenk we neeed a whooole pallet.” 

Yes Juan you need another pallet, just buy a whole pallet. I will give your another check (the 3rd check) go buy the sod. 

Juan was gone a while and I thought dang it, we are not getting this job finished today.

Juan, God Love Him, is the one who almost burned down my house. 

Juan also cut my cable, phone and internet line.

Juan bumped into the hot water heater and we had no hot water.

Juan is a hard worker and I really like to give him a hard time. 

A while later I hear him out back and so I went to see how it was going and this conversation occur ed.

Krista:    Hey Juan how is it going?

Juan 1:   Gooood Kreeestaaa,  You seee my gooooaaat?

Krista:   What? Juan? You not have enough sooood?

Juan 1:   Noooo, Kreeeesta, my gooooooot,  eeeets in the baaaack of mmeee traaayler.

Krista:   Juan, what are you talking about? Slow down, I flunked Spanish remember?

Juan 2:    el chivo Dama Loca   (A goat you crazy lady)

Krista:    Goat? where?

Juan 1:   Baaaaack of the traaayyler.

So I walk to the driveway and imagine my surprise, there is a GOAT it the back of his trailer hot tied and looking at me like  “WTH!”

I walk back behind the house and look at Juan like he has lost his mind.

Krista:   Juan! What are you going to do with a goat and you cannot leave him tied up in that trailer that way.

Juan 1:  I bought heeemmm for feeeefty bucks.  I see theeeese goooat tied ooop and I say to the maaan. ” I geeeve you feeefty bucks for the gooooat.”    The man saaaays me crazy, that gooooat is worth at leaaast one hundreeed and fifty doooolllars.   Juan says’  I have feeeftly bucks, I give you feeeeftly bucks,  that gooooat neeed a girlfriend and I have a girlfriend for him, she make heeeem haappy!

Juan got a goat for fifty bucks and he brought that damn goat to my house.

Meet the goat.

Sam’s Napoleonic Blue Nightstand with Annie Sloan Paint

 So at the risk of sounding like a complete nut job I am posting another furniture redo.

I found this nightstand at the Will yesterday for $6.00. It was in great structural shape but finish wise it was its usual disaster. Yucky once again.

I had picked up Napoleonic Blue by Annie Sloan a couple on weeks ago. I knew I wanted to paint a nightstand for Sam’s room so I had it just sitting there, waiting.

He does have another nightstand on the other side unpainted, but I wanted to practice on a less expensive piece of furniture. Wanted to make sure that I like the color in his room. The pictures to make it look a brighter that it actually is.

This time I just painted, distressed very little with a sanding block and put 2 coats of lacquer.

Used the same hardware just cleaned it up with a wire brush.

There is a headboard for this bed but it is out getting repaired. It was slightly damaged in the move.

The lamp on the left is a Will redo, I posted about it here . The lamp on the right I redid today also. Picked it up today at the Will for $4.00. Ran to Lowe’s and bought a shade for $14.99. Brought it all home, spray painted it and there you have.

I am telling you people, it does not take a lot of time.

It takes even less money.