Annie Sloan Primer Red and My Goodwill Kitchen

This is my latest Goodwill find. It is oak with quite a bit of veneer.

It is old but not sure just how old. Along with being old it is in pretty rough shape.

There were repairs made to it previously that were not top notch and there may have been a mirror or shelves attached to the top at one time. The bottom support was broken beyond my abilities to repair it.

The veneer had lifted in a few places so I used wood glue and clamps to reattach it.

Wood filler was used to fill in some of the major dents and broken veneer.

People ask why I did not refinish it.  The woods did not match and it was not that pretty.

See above how the door looks like different wood. Icky.

I had Bob use a hack saw and we cut off the bottom support. I don’t know just how much support it was actually doing. I think it was more for looks.

Plus I wanted to be able to put a basket under it.

After a light sanding to smooth the rough spots I painted it with Annie Sloan Primer Red and a coat of Dark Wax.

This time I chose to paint the inside of the drawers and cabinet in Annie Sloan Olive.  I have not lacquered it on the inside yet. I may, just not sure.

I love how the green looks against the red.

I found new hardware at Home Depot. Finally got a deal on the hardware, $1.98 a knob.

I also needed to attach new magnetic catches on the inside of the doors. Pretty inexpensive at $1.08 each.

I love that I finally have places around my home to display the bazillion photos that I have. Occupational hazard I guess.

It is 70 inches long and covers the window a touch. That is OK with me though, this window is kind of non essential.

Loving it!

A view of my eat in kitchen area with all of my Goodwill finds.

Everything that you see in this photo with the exception of the table and rug (and cat) came from the Goodwill

Love it when I go to take a picture of the cat and they look away.

Yes, Ozzy I am taking about you. Your getting a little portly there young man.

I went to see my SIL this weekend and they have a Pottery Barn and a Crate & Barrel right next to each other. I was in heaven, pure heaven. Anyway this is the new phone I picked up at PB. Just love it. It even rings like an old time phone.

Pasta with Fresh Veggies

This is an incredibly easy dinner that is so healthy for you and tastes amazing. Love it.

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Cut slices in  your French Bread and butter. Wrap in tin foil and heat in a 350 oven for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure it is wrapped tight so it does not dry out.
Slice grape tomatoes in half and set aside.
Cook a box of bow tie pasta until tender.
This is the pasta I use.

Brown two chicken breasts in olive oil until cooked through. When cooked set chicken aside…we will get back to it.

This is an important step. Step back, lean against the counter and take a big drink of this AWESOME beer!  I love that I can drink and stay awake at the same time….Beer & Coffee, WHAT A CONCEPT, pure genius.

Time to add the Pesto to the cooked pasta. Classico had 2 different pesto’s one is a red pepper and the other is basil. Both are REALLY good. I like the red pepper best but that is a personal preference.

Drain the water off of the pasta and same about a 1/2 of a cup of the pasta water. Drain the excess olive oil off of the pesto. Stir in the pesto and 1/2 cup pasta water, cover and  set aside.
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Add 2 table spoons olive oil to pan and heat. Add Asparagus and cook for 3 minutes. Add spinach, tomatoes and chicken, sea salt and pepper to taste. Use tongs to stir until the spinach is just wilted.
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I cooked additional pasta  for the boys. They don’t know what they are missing. Silly boys.

For some reason Carter thinks he is a rapper? Carter is so not a rapper.

Add a little fresh Parmesan and your ready to eat. I am telling you it is wonderful

 What you will need…..
1 bunch of fresh asparagus cut into 1/2 inch pieces
1 large bag of fresh spinach
1 package of grape tomatoes cut in half
1 box of bow tie pasta
1 jar of pesto
1 large chicken breast cut into bite size pieces.
Parmesan cheese
Sea salt
olive oil

I double the recipe because I like left overs.

An Afternoon in Chimney Rock

A couple weekend ago Bob, Carter and I went to Chimney Rock on the bikes. It was such a beautiful day so of course this tiny little town was hopping. Bikes everywhere. The road from our house to Chimney rock is a twisty thing so it attracts a lot of bikes. We had a nice  lunch at Medina’s and then went across the street to get ice cream. Unfortunately they did not accept CC and we had no cash. No Cash = No ice cream.

So instead of ice cream we went down to the river and hopped rocks for a little while.

Carter is trying to decide if he can make the jump.

The body language is so similar between these two.

Hand in pockets.

Like father, like son. He also does the same thing with his mouth that his dad does when he is thinking.

Carter didn’t do too bad taking the picture. Can you see the fear in my face worrying that he would drop it in the river.

This is a sign that was on one of the stores. Someone REALLY need to explain to them just how wrong this is. Or maybe that was their plan. 

Don’t stand there too long or you might get painted!

My husband is starting to worry. My kids are concerned. The dog hides outside. The cat has stopped begging for food. 
My dealer is only open on Wednesday through Sunday. I have to make what I have last. I worry that I will run out.
I am wondering what I can sell next to pay for my next fix. But if I have the money where will I find IT?

Ok that may not all be true but my husband is a little worried about what will be painted next.

 These are my latest “Fixes”. I found these chairs at Goodwill, imagine that.I know you are completely surprised right? They are Cochrane chairs from the 40’s. Don’t know if that date is completely right, but I saw a reference to that date on another site with the same chairs. Any hoooo, they were $10.00 bucks each. I wish there had been six but I was glad to get the four.

I painted them with the Annie Sloan graphite first. Lightly sanded them with a fine grit sanding block to distress them a touch. Applied the Annie Sloan dark wax.
After the wax was applied I used and old cloth diaper and buffed it with good old elbow grease. By doing this you can forgo and gym membership because buffing this chairs is guaranteed to tone any bingo wings you have going on. I recommend employing child labor to help with this manual labor.
After the wax is applied I go over with a coat of lacquer from Annie Sloan. This eliminates any tacky feeling from the wax.
Martha has her ball. She loves her ball.

I like distressing each piece just a little bit. Adds a little character. It also keeps me from freaking out when my kids uses them for something like, oh I don’t know, standing on them with cleats to get glass out of the cabinet. The damage they inflict on them just adds a little more character.

I picked these two chairs up at the same time, they are form Elan College. I will use them at each end of the table.
They were sturdy and well made but I did not like the emblem that was engraved in the wood.
 I applied a little wood filler with my fingers to really get it into the tiny groovesI allowed it to dry for about an hour and then sanded with a fine grit sanding block.
After I sanded it down until it was smooth to the touch and could not feel any ridges, I applied a coat of the paint.
After it dried I sanded it lightly to distress the paint.

Added a coat of wax
And then added a coat of lacquer.*****UPDATE**** Do not do this…I was told by a stockist that this is possible….it is NOT. It will bubble and blister and make a BIG MESS!
Meet my new $10.00 chair! Man I love a good deal!

Easter Egg Hunt in the Neighborhood

Our neighbors hosted a Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday afternoon.  It was a beautiful day that was bright and sunny. (difficult for taking pictures though)
We had not met many of our neighbors being that we moved in the middle of the winter. That is hunker down time, no one seems to leave their homes. I was honestly beginning to think no one lived here. That they were all pretend homes. Everyone is out and about now, working in their yards and walking their dogs.

Sophia finally met Olivia, the only other teenager that I know of that lives in the neighborhood.
Carter was in serious egg hunt mode, he was ready to get the party started. There was candy to be found and he was going for it.
Olivia and Sophia, those names just sound pretty together.

Trying to tell Carter that he needs to leave the low lying easy to find ones for the little kids. Lots a luck there.

Little Miss R was rather intrigued by Carter and would have really like him to move over so she could sit with him. I know Carter was thinking…aah, no. Your a girl and I ain’t sitting with no girl.

She finally gave up and went to sit with her brother.

Candy? Who needs candy. Rocks will work fine thank you.

Master C sitting down and enjoying a sample of the fruits of the hunt. Enjoy it now kid because you know, all candy disappears after midnight. It is in the fine print.

Renu and Arthur, our hosts.

It was so bright out that all of her pictures she is looking down. It is a classic little kid picture. You know the ones where your mom knows she is to have the sun to her back while taking the picture but it is so bright that you cannot look at her without squinting.

See? Looking down.

Sophia and Bob. I am loving seeing a smile on our daughters face againI missed it. A LOT

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Sonya and Frank, Grandparents to Master C and Lady R.

Egg races.

Carter and the girls

It’s going to be tight.

A tie in the end

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The adults are going to give it a try.

They are a talented group I tell ya.

Your a brave kid Carter playing water balloon toss with your sister.

Musical Chairs. When was the last time you played?

It was a fun afternoon. We would have enjoyed socializing a bit more with everyone but we had to pick up Sam in Hillsville.

Thank you Renu and Arthur for some wonderful memories.

My youngest is nine today….wow!

Carter is NINE today. It really is amazing how fast the time goes when looking back. I thought I would quickly select a few pictures of him through the years, ya right.  I thought it would be quick. I thought it would be easy.  Think Again! Here are a few of the highlights…Remote control lessons with dad.
Love, love, love this hat on him, just makes me giggle.
Turning TWO, what is there not to to happy about.
One of the many bumps and bruises. I think this is the one I came home to after being in South Africa.  He got nailed my a metal door at the school gymnasium. OUCH!

OOOO, this was a biggie. He pushed the iron over with the palm of his hand.  We had to go to the doctor everyday for 2 weeks.
When we had first moved to our house in Michigan he was able to run under the counter tops on the island, he never took into consideration that he grew taller. This on almost required surgery.
The third birthday
His first ride on the motorcycle. Of course they only went like 5 miles an hour.

How sweet is this. We had been home bound for 2 weeks with the snowstorm. Martha loves his Carter.

And another. I got nothing. Don’t remember. Oh, wait this is where he fell out of bed and showed us the next morning.  He either never cried or Bob and I sleep pretty hard.
Preschool buds

You have to admit, pretty impressive.
But he cleans up pretty well!

That’s my Carter! Happy Birthday Baby!

The Boys of Culpeper

Sam is home. I really missed him while he was gone.  The house was strangely quiet and I think that is funny because Sam is a really quiet kid, compared to the other two.   He went to Hillsville, VA to spend the weekend with his buds from Culpeper.  The boys grandparents have a farm and they spent the entire weekend playing football, fishing, riding in trucks, playing in the woods, chasing the cows. The list goes on I am sure but that is what we have heard so far on the way home before he fell asleep.
He is sunburned, scratched, banged, bruised and very happy to have been able to spend the weekend with his best friends. His father and I hated to take him away, I know he wanted to stay. Heck, I wanted to stay. Cannot wait to see you on Mother’s Day!

Goodwill Chair meet Anie Sloan’s Old Ocher

My five dollar Goodwill chair.  It’s original plan was for Sam to paint it and to try and sell it on Craigslist. I was itching for something to paint so I decided to put a coat of Old Ocher on it and use it as my new desk chair.

My support staff here, crack crew that I have.

This is two coats of the paint. This thing seemed to take forever with all of the “round” parts. After I painted it I used my very fine sanding sanding block to sand the edges… I also smoothed some rough spots.

I liked the white but it was too “Shabby Chic” and white, even though it really is a creamy color, it just would not go in my home.

Because the chair was originally brown and I scuffed the edges the brown looks so pretty coming through the white.

In my mind I knew what I wanted and the minute I put the dark wax on the leg I knew it was wrong. Well Crap!  I considered painting over it because you can do that with AS paint but I chose to stare at it for about 10 minutes and decided the heck with it I am just going to do the whole thing with the dark wax.

And I ended up really liking it.  I put the dark wax on and then took a terry cloth rag and rubbed the crap out if it.  Buffed it, rubbed it, sawed that rag back and forth  to really get the dark and the white to show through.

While I was working on the chair Sophia made the never ending double batch of chocolate chip cookies for Sam to take to Hillsville, VA

The dark was really gave it a pretty patina.

Even mistakes with Annie Sloan paint aren’t really mistakes after all.

Painted Maple Cabinet with Annie Sloan Paint and Wax

From Each Day….
I finally finished my other projects and was able to start on the maple cabinet I bought on Craigslist.  This is the cabinet I found down in Hendersonville on an old dairy farm. Picked it up for $50.00, a very good deal if I do say so myself! The cabinet on the left is an old buffet I picked up this weekend at Goodwill, that is a whole nother project all together.
Martha is supervising the project. Doesn’t she look sporty in her pink booties?  Trying to keep her from scratching and licking is a full time job. Drives me crazy, but I digress, back to the task at hand.
Annie Sloan paint is very different from any other paint I have ever used. In fact it breaks all the rules of regular painting. You use very little paint, almost like dry painting and you use the cheapest brushes you can find. You know the chip brushes you find at the hardware store for a $1.00 each? Use those. There does not seem to be one set direction that you brush either, just get it covered.
This is one of the drawers after paint, before distressing and wax.  The color I chose was Graphite. As I was painting I was a little bummed at how light the color was (the photo is making it even lighter) but I still did not have the dark wax on it yet.

Top of the cabinet and it looks a little darker than the previous photo.
The paint I used. This is a quart can and I ended up using a little less than a 1/3 of the can. I also bought the Annie Sloan dark wax and a bottle of the lacquer. The one thing about the Annie Sloan is that I could not use the paint and then use a  different brand, the formulas will not play well with each other.
After the entire cabinet was painted I took my sanding block and distressed the edges fairly lightly, I did not want to distress it too much.
The top drawer is just the paint, bottom drawer is after the distressing and wax. I hesitated on using this photo because the way the light hits the wax in the photo makes the finish look gray and hazy and is not an accurate representation of the finish. The finish actually turns black.
Sophia helped me add the wax to the surface and I was glad to have the help.

Notice the super cheap brush, it was pretty much nearing the end of its life. “Oh, Martha quit licking your paws!”  See what I mean, constantly having to fuss at her.
Here it is painted and waxed, it does need a coat of lacquer but I want to wait until the pollen is out of the air before I tackle that.

Very excited that I was able to use the same hardware, that does not happen very often.
Finally a place to display some of the plates that I have.

The color plays well with the Ubatuba granite in the kitchen.

The finish is a lot like a piece of Scandinavian furniture. It has a lot of depth, not at all like the dresser that I did for Carter’s room.

I really enjoyed working with this paint and am really looking forward to attacking the piece I just bought at Goodwill, thinking it will look great in red?

Even my son who HATES Goodwill asked to go today so he can find a piece of furniture to refinish and sell.

This is what it looked like in the beginning. A real 60’s looking piece of furniture. Didn’t do much for me…….

Until the next time!