The Pink House and Annie Sloane Paint

Today was such a beautiful day, the last day of March. What is the saying? in like a lion out like a lamb? Well our March was absolutely incredibly beautiful and I cannot imagine what April will be like.
The order of business today was that I needed to pick up the desk from Goodwill that I bought yesterday. I needed my husbands brawn and his truck to pick it up. While we were there wouldn’t you know it I found another piece of furniture. A very old oak buffet that needs lots of love.  I will go further into that on my next post.
More importantly it is what I did AFTER the Goodwill. I visited The Pink House again. The Pink house carries a brand of paint I have been wanting to try, Annie Sloane Chalk paint. It has rumored to be a painters dream.
I hope it is ’cause it ain’t cheap!
I have been to the Pink House twice now and both times have been a wonderful experience. I really wish I could remember her name (the owners sister) has been incredibly nice and helpful both times I have been there... the shop is very small, packed with stuff and loaded with ideas. If you are not handy with the paint brush or just don’t have the eye they will do it for you. Such a deal!
You can reach their Facebook page here. 

The Pink House Blog is here! 

I would love to hear what you think and if you have been there!
Have you used Annie Sloane Paint?

Fired Up!

Sam and I went to Fired Up! in Asheville this past weekend. He had been bugging me to go for a few weeks and finally we were able to get there. We had gone last month and I thought I had done a blog but apparently I never got it done.    
The last time were were there we painted pottery but this time we wanted to work with glass. You start with a plain piece of glass, I chose a clear square piece. You then glue different colors and shapes to the top of the large square. There are many colors and shapes to select or you can use the glass cutter to make you own.
After you have your design laid out and glued they stick it in the kiln and melt the glass and it all fuses together…and voila! Sun catcher!

The only hard part was coming up with a design, we must have started over a dozen times. But finally, three hours later we were finally done.

We really had a great time. It was nice just the two of us hanging out. Sam is a funny kid, cracks me up. And he is growing up fast. I think he a grown a foot in the last month, voice is changing and shaving.

He is a good kid. I am lucky, I just wish I could keep him young forever.

Goodwill Lamp Refinishing

Sam needed a new lamp for his room and I saw several at the Goodwill. They were relatively inexpensive at $3.50 with no shade.  I thought I would try painting it with matte black spray paint.

I wiped it down with deglosser so to give the paint something to grab on to. Wrapped the top with paper and tape to keep paint from getting on it and started spraying away.

I did this slowly with light layers so the paint would not run. Once it starts to run your pretty done. It is hard to get rid of the runs once it starts. (OK, I just made myself laugh)
I then went to Home Depot and bought a lamp shade for $14.00. I probably could have found one for cheaper but I was there and I liked it.
I also had to buy a finial for the top $3.99 and a harp for $1.50 so lets just round it up to about to a total of approximately $25.00. Not the best deal around but I like knowing that money went to the Goodwill and I was keeping something out of the landfill and it gave me a project.
This is my beautiful painting suit that helps keep me somewhat clean especially when I am sanding wood. I have gotten a little too much paint on too many clothes. I look like Corn Holeo.

Bad Dye Job

I really needed to get my hair done. I kept putting it off because I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with it. As you can see the roots were really growing out. A reverse skunk is what I call it.

 I decided that I would go back to my natural color. A light to medium brown seemed like a good choice. Low maintenance and no more roots showing. This is the picture I  showed my hairdresser.

I had Bob take before photos so I could see the difference.
I know, the roots.

Little did I know just what a difference it was going to be.

I never look at the back of my head, maybe I should.

I am smiling in this picture. Do not be fooled. I hate it. A lot.
When Bob was taking the picture he said I had to smile.

This is the color after 3 washings of Dawn detergent and Prell shampoo.

I asked for a light to medium brown, I would hate to find out what black looks like. And red. I was very clear….NO RED HUE!

Can you see the pained look from trying to keep from crying?

I am going to go wash my hair again.

This and That

This was my living room last week. Who doesn’t want a fridge and a gas stove in their living room?

They have sealed off the kitchen to keep the dust from sanding to a minimum.

A kitchen table in the front  of the front door. Why not. 

The china cabinet had to be moved four feet away from the wall. Thankfully I did not have to empty it and was able to slowly slide it away from the wall.

To get to the upstairs you had to climb over the railing. I tried to catch Bob on the sly.

Carter had baseball tryouts last Saturday so Bob and he did some warming up before hand.

Tryouts are pretty basic. They show how they are able to catch pop balls. Grounders. Hitting. Throwing.

Everyone who tries out is picked. No one is eliminated.

The coaches then have their roster of who they would like on their team and have their draft. At first I thought what a ridiculous thing, why are you having little kids tryout for your team. It is actually a good thing.

It evens out the team so that one team doesn’t get all the really good players and one team gets all the beginners.

He is pretty cute, I would pick him for my team!

Here they are waiting for their turn at bat.

He hit the ball and Mom was relieved. I don’t care how much you tell yourself “as long as they have fun” you still want them to whack it out of the park.

Later on I went to pick up the boys at a friends house.  She is so cute.
Sam trying to come to terms with riding his pink bike and playing with a 2nd and 3rd grader.

Or showing off on his bike, whatever works.
See those shorts and shirt?
Kind of nice right? One would have thought I was torturing the kid when I went out  to buy summer clothes. He is the worst when it comes to picking out clothes. A pain short of murder. I have gotten to the point where I select clothes and bring them home for him. Well that is what I did this time.
The result…..Complain, Complain, Complain.
I then told him to get in the car, we are going shopping. Two hours later we came home with the same clothes were were going to bring back. Pain in the ass I say!

It took some restraint not to say “I TOLD YOU SO!”

Walking home was so pretty, cannot wait to see that whole mountain green.

Happy almost spring! I have lots of yard work to get done.

It is time for you to leave.

Listen here you pesky 10lbs that have shown up on my arse.
I don’t recall inviting you to stay.
Don’t you see that elliptical in the other room?
It was purchased to run you out of town.
Please go take residence on some other skinny butt, they will appreciate you way more than I.
You are not welcome here.
You are making me crabby.
Summer is coming up fast.
And yes, I know you will look much better tan.
Because we all know tan fat looks so much better than white fat.
But still.
Nobody likes company this long.
Pack up and leave.

Carter Received the Mighty Oak Award

 Carter’s class voted to give him the Might Oak Award. He didn’t know that he was receiving it but his dad and I were let in on the secret.

 Here is the Principal placing the ribbon around his neck. He was so excited he could not stop grinning. Neither could his parents for that matter!

 His teacher, Ms. Higgins is reading about the characteristics that led Carter to receive the award

 Yes I took a lot of pictures. Yes I am posting all of them. I am mom and this is my son and I am so proud of him. Plus he is really cute and pretty sweet!

I love this picture. It just makes me smile from ear to ear looking at it. Cannot tell that he is very excited about it, can you?

Sam joins the National Honor Society

Sam joined the National Honor Society last week…Woo Hoo! He love all the attention. Can you see the excitement on his face?  Actually I did get a smile out of him, he knows how proud we are of him.

Martha is excited for him too. Can you tell?

There is the wood for my house that they have started to install today. So ready for this to be done with.

Relax Martha, go back to sleep.