eeeeeeeEEEEEWWWWWW alert!

As the kids and I were heading out to dinner tonight..
 because Bob went out on his motorcycle…
And I do not like to cook…
and it was raining….
and all the leftovers had been eaten…
and I had spent all day on the computer…
and I don’t like to cook. Or I should say I don’t like to figure out WHAT to cook….
and the dishwasher was full because the kids had not emptied it.
Anyway…going down the driveway we saw a black snake. They say black snakes are
good to have, they keep away mice and all but oh, my goodness….YUCK!

From Each Day….

From Each Day….
From Each Day….
From Each Day….

Sam came to the rescue and brought it across the street, far away into the woods…I do not want it to have babies in my garage!

From Each Day….

From Each Day….

Culpeper Girls Softball

Culpeper girls softball is in full swing…no pun intended. They have struggled in the beginning.with the pitching and catching but it is all starting to fall into place. The pitcher for the Nat’s is a friend of Sophia’s and I love it when they go up against each other. She is quite the athlete and it will be interesting to watch her in the next few years.

Two blue eyes girls below!

A little father/daughter pep talk….

Stop your giggling Ivy.

They called her out…but I think she was safe.

From Each Day….

She is so cute! She had an awesome inning and you can tell by the big ‘ol grin her face.


Kids, a ball and a dog. And a husband too!

Every day when we go to lacrosse Carter says “I wanted to play baseball”.  Too bad kid, your playing lacrosse. Some days I swear he grows roots on that field, standing there twirling his stick…”Carter! Your not a majorette GO AFTER THE BALL!”  It’s not that he does not want to play lacrosse, he really does not want to even play baseball what he really wants to do is play if flippin DS games. Bob and I let the boys sit out one season of sports, what a mistake that was. It was months of arguing about sitting around doing nothing.  Please don’t go telling me about how kids need down time about how we over schedule our kids these days, they need time to be kids….blah, blah, blah. I think there are too many kids who have WAY TOO MUCH DOWNTIME. I work in a family therapy office, I see the kids that are left to their own devices.

Even Miss Lb.(Martha)  has had too much down time…she has put on a few too many lb’s for her health, it was a long winter of hibernating. I dragged her to the field to walk while the kids practiced…she was very happy.

Even Bob came to visit. He thinks he is so cool. He is, but I’m not telling him that.

I have been working on my black and whites…can you tell? They are missing something. I think I am going to purchase some actions. Not sure which ones. A friend suggested Totally Rad Actions have you tried them? Do you have any suggestions?